Monday, February 28, 2011

Well, Hello...

Oh, Monday. I don't understand why you must come so quickly after Sunday. Really, take your time.

It is cold in Logan again. Which is extremely unmotivating for someone who was planning on going running today. No worries, I'll just freeze my nose off. It's all worth it right? I should be totally rested for kickboxing and my afternoon jog since I took a two and a half hour nap yesterday and I went to bed at 10pm and didn't get up till 7am. Actually, who'd like to take a nap right now? Don't be ashamed, raise your hand. I'm totally with you there. If I reclaim all the naps I refused as a child, I totally would. Bad move, younger Randi.
It's Spring Break next week.
I'm just super de duper excited. I cannot wait for a whole week of school. By the way, guess who's almost done with her freshmen year of college? Moi. Unreal? I believe so.

Go listen to THESE SONGS because I am now in love with them.
In other words...

Remember how I like to blog stalk? Well this time, I actually know this person.
Meet this blog: karly plus wade.
Karly is super cute. She's married, has a great blog, and is amazing with a camera. I predict she'll hit the big blog status one day, just you wait. And then I can say I knew her in high school. But enough about me, go visit her blog.
Super quick.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Woke Up and What Did I See?

It snowed all day yesterday. Like all day long. Last night, E and I went to our neighbors' apartment to watch a movie. When we came out around 12:30pm, there was a lot more snow if that was even possible. Then we woke up this morning. I put on my boots and jacket so I could go clear off my car before I went to the gym and encountered a lot of wet, white stuff...
Note that I'm up to past my ankles in that stuff and higher in other places. What happened to it being sixty degrees just two weeks ago? Oh, and then my car got stuck pulling out. But no worries, I'm an Idaho girl and my roommate is super strong.
Please oh, please let spring come soon.

Please go watch this. Your day will be 13,054309865368 times better. E and I can't stop quoting it. The names in in are my favorite, naturally.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crying Thighs...

It's true. My thighs are crying. It's a common occurrence the nights after I have my kickboxing class. Today is no exception. I even almost ralphed in class.
Ralph [ralf] v-To vomit.
(Thought that I'd add that little definition in there since when I said that to the girl next to me she just looked at me.) Really though, try jumping in place, kicking, jumping and jabbing, doing 50 jumping jacks, shuffle squats, moving push-ups and wheelbarrow races all for fifty minutes, and then tell me how great your feeling. Awesome.
Oh and then I went for a jog in the snow after that.
Wisest decision? Probably not. But I'm pretty positive I gained about 8 eight pounds last week. Plus it didn't help that this weekend I ate so many Swedish Fish, M&M's cookies, cinnamon bears, and peanut butter M&m's that I should have ralphed.
Okay, okay, enough with the ralphing.
Really though, this week I'm going to be a good girl with the sweets and such.

Nothing here makes sense.
It keeps snowing and I really really dislike it.
I submit yet again that dating is lame. Or rather the lack thereof. But who's worrying about it?
I hate midterms.
I love my extra insoles in my running shoes.
I drank a whole lot of milk today.
I feel bad that you just read all of this.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Pictures From The Weekend...

I went home again this weekend. And it was a very good weekend.
Special Needs dance, having family stay at our house, going to the hot springs, and not having school. Too bad that I'm back now. Boo. But who loves how long my hair is getting? Woo!
I have two tests this week. Double boo.
Two more weeks till Spring Break. Double woo.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Overheard at O4...

Conversations with the Roommates

R: Time to say Family Prayer, whose turn is it?
E: I'll say it.
R:Good, pray for us not to think about boys.

E: I love this song. It's so cute. (Marry Me by Train)
R: E, will you marry me?
E: Of course.
Couple minutes later...
E: Are you sure you want to be my roommate next year?
R: Of course, I've already gotten you used to all my strange quirks and weirdness. Plus, we're getting married, remember?

E: I want to get married.
R: Don't worry, someday we'll be cute and married. And then we'll have bigger problems to worry about.

Sitting at the kitchen table burning hair into the candle...
J: Guys, what if we did drugs?
R: We should do this during finals week.
J: What, drugs?

R: "He has more mood swings than a girl!"
E: "Sit down and eat a German Pancake."

E: Said in Russian accent, "This is brilliant."

S: Said in French accent, while yelling from the vent in her room down to the kitchen, "Emma, ze baby! She is crying!"

M: "How's math treating you?"
R: "Oh, you know just hating my teacher like the usual. No biggie."

E: Creepy voice, "You think these under eye circles are from lack of sleep?"

S: Shut in the closet, unknowingly locked in, "Guys, I have a light on my watch!"
"Can you get me a spoon at least?"
Laughter, giggles, E sits on a chair in front of the door,
S: "Hey, what's in front of this door! Let me out! Fake crying and more laughing. Fine! I'll just eat all your food!"

In other words, yesterday was in the sixties and college kids were running around in shorts and flips flops. It was a day of glorious, bountiful sunshine. Then we woke up to this...
I'm so sick of winter.

We Made It...

We made it to 100 posts.

When I started this blog, I just thought it'd be a small little place to record silly things...well, it still is. But I'm a lot more dedicated than I thought I would be and I like it a whole lot more than I thought I would. So here's to a hundred posts on Life and Times of a Miss. What are your favorites?
I liked this one, this one, and this one.
Or this one, this one, or this one.
I really liked writing about this one and this one.
College gave me some good material. Check out here, here, here, and here. Oh, and don't forget this one. Actually, please do.
And lastly, check out here, here, here, and here.

I'd love to just sit and read through every single genius word I've ever written but I have errands to run. Guess you'll just have to do it for me, right?
Just kidding, don't subject yourself to that.
Thanks to all those who comment and follow my little blog. I love and appreciate you so very much. Guess we'll see where the next 100 take me!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Somtimes...I get sad.
And my heart hurts a little bit.
And at night I pray and ask my Father if He hears me down here, little old me. If He knows that I'm here in Logan and that my heart hurts.
That I feel stuck, that I'm here just waiting for something but I don't know what is is. Because that's the current theme for my life right now.
It gets a little hard sometimes.
And then I cry some more. I swear I've cried more by the side of my bed here in my apartment than in my bed at home home.
Then I find things like this...
Then I cry some more.
You see, I know that my Father hears me and knows me for Randi. I know that He loves me and He's got to be chuckling at me often.
But sometimes I forget and I doubt.
Sometimes, I feel that I don't deserve to be sad because my life is so good. I don't write these posts to make people feel sad for me or worry about me. In fact, I'd rather keep everything inside and not let anyone know that I'm not strong all the time. But that'd be pointless. Because this is my life; everything you read is what I feel, what I believe, what I love.
So here's me in all my small little sad glory.
Tonight, I'm humble.
Just be grateful I didn't post an ugly cry picture.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Is...

...pretty pointless. Unless you're in love love. Or engaged. Or married.
Which I am neither...(Hello, Life and Times of A Miss peeps).

Really though. I know people say how much they love the holiday and how people shouldn't be bitter about it, and Single Awareness Day and blah blah blah. Here's the thing: It's easy to say how much you love the holiday of love when you're in love. Or not feeling like the lame one in your apartment because you're not in love and instead you're upstairs on your bed while you can hear your roommates being all cute with their significant others all around you whilst you listen to Taylor Swift. Exiting soap box now.
Whatever. Someday I'll be married and it'll be a little better than that right? Please give me something to look forward to.
I started off my Valentine's pretty sweaty for a while. Kickboxing and going for a jog will do that to you. But then I got into that blissful box called a shower, tamed the hair, fixed the face, and all was made right with the world. P.S. I ordered that shirt from here.
So I got all cute and nice smelling and then I realized that I was late for Special Needs Institute. Fetch. So I run out to catch the shuttle and guess who got off right before I got on... the cute boy. And then instead of calling out his name and waving like a normal cute girl on Valentine's Day, I just got on the bus. And wistfully watched him walk away as we pulled out. Fate was right in my hands...and I choked. Still kicking myself over that one.
So yeah, didn't have date this Valentine's Day. Went out to dinner with my other roommate and two of her friends. Came back to O4. And this is what I'm doing on my Valentine's night while E is with a boy, J is talking to her fiance' and S is out with her boyfriend.
Good thing my parents still love me.


P.S. I totally know that this is just a pity party post. If you don't like it...then have a pity party about it. Or just join mine.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good, Better, Best...

Ever played Big, Better, Best?
Well for FHE, the other night we did. First we read this talk then we split up to play. Girls v Boys, of course. Rules of the game: You start off with something small, (we started with a pad of sticky notes) and then you run around to other homes or apartments and ask them what they can trade you (for keeps) that would be better than what you have all within a limited amount of time. Being in a college student apartment complex, we got some interesting things (and interrupted everyone else's family home evenings at the same time). We went from sticky notes to electrical tape, from tape to finger puppets, from finger puppets to a candle, from a candle to a hymn book, from a hymn book to a half eaten box of food, then we got a fish tank along with our food, then we got...

That's right, a working television. Is there any question to which team won?
Because there shouldn't be.

Goodbye Joshua...


I have been notified by my best blogging bud that I am in need of updating my blog. So here I am, updating my blog. P.S. Like it's been that long. Haha, whatevs.
Yesterday one of my best friends joined Trevor, and left for his mission.
Meet Josh.
We've been friends since middle school. But before we became good friends, we went to one high school dance together. Note the awkward posture. Let it be known that when were riding back from the dance that night with our group, he left me all alone in the back while he took shotgun. True story.
Good thing I still love him after that.
Well this good buddy left to go serve in the San Antonio, TX mission, Spanish speaking. Funny how one of the memories I have of Josh from high school is him complaining about his Spanish class. I had a hard time with Josh leaving. Josh was one of the boys that I was closest to, the one who was always more than willing to give me a ride places, and he was always there with big fat hugs that made your shoulders crack. We always talked about how different things would be when he and the rest of the boys came back. His farewell was a few weeks ago because of ward scheduling but I was glad that I could make it. It made it a little harder though because I knew I wouldn't see him again before he left. So of course, I cried when I told him goodbye. It was bittersweet. But I did get to see some of my favorite people there.
These kids keep me young...haha.
About thirty seconds after the camera shutter clicked, I started crying of course. It's amazing how much we've changed in two years. It'll be amazing to see how much we all change in the next two. But I know that Josh'll be a great missionary.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Ever get those little flutters of happiness in your belly? I had about a hundred and three of those today, all within minutes of each other. It might have to do with what happened at church but I won't go into all that on the blog. Just know that I was very happy about seating arrangements in church today. Veeeeerry happy indeed. Plus there's the fact that E and I ding dong ditched our neighbors a few times. Or that we jumped on our couch. Or that we jumped around outside, trying to be lady like in our skirts while doing so. These things can't hurt either...
The fact that I have this happy face sitting next to me on the couch.

Or that in my new Facebook picture, you can see the picture of me and E behind me.

Or that these are sitting on my kitchen counter.

Actually, I think that the events at church still win.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dance, Dance...

E and I went to the IWA dance last night with our super awesome, super handsome dates. Beforehand, we went and got our makeup done by a Mary Kay consultant that we'd met Tuesday at our IWA activity (consider it just my luck that I got a huge zit this week and it was the worst on Friday) and she was a miracle worker. Hallelujah.
It was such a fun dance. I pretty much laughed all night long and my feet hurt from dancing so much at the end of the night (I wore heels, thinking it'd be okay since they were my shortest heels) but it was ridiculously fun dancing around with my date and my roommate and her date. Plus, our ward pretty much made up half the crowd. No biggie, 13th Ward represent!
It was a good college night.


Oh yeah, did I mention that I had a good time? 'Cause I sure did.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oldies Make Me Homesicky...



Can I go home now? Okay, thanks.

I Need My Vitamin D...

It's still furrrrr--eeezing in Logan. But at least we can see the sky today. Remember how much I hate wind chill? I hate inversion too. Because it makes Logan go all foggy and keeps the sun and it's wonderful rays away. So the only chance of me being all naturally warm is when I sit by the windows in the TSC. Which I was and it was glorious to be feeling all that nice, warm sunshine on my sad white-y skin but alas, I had to move because I needed to plug my computer in. Boo. Hoo. There should be wall outlets next to the windows because now I'm stuck in a un-sunny corner.

Five things that I despise about today:
1. Big fat zit on my face. Like big enough, that if I cross my eyes towards my nose...I can see the shape of my zit. And it's probably not going away in time for my date tomorrow.
2. Boys spitting on the sidewalks. It's disgusting. Stop it right now.
3. People who are super noisy in the study areas. It's like, "Hello, no I'm just sitting here with a political science book open on my lap BECAUSE I LIKE IT NOT BECAUSE I'M ACTUALLY DOING HOMEWORK IN A STUDY AREA." For the record, I don't like political science.
4. Math professor. That's all.
5. Today...I just really want to be home.

Five things I like about today:
1. The sun is out!
2. My hands smell like the super delicious orange I just ate.
3. I washed my hair today! I'm getting on this really bad habit of running out of time to do things so washing my hair is the first priority to go...
4. I. Have. No. Homework. To. Do. Tonight.
5. I have a date tomorrow. IWA Formal/Semi-Formal dance. E and I are going. With cute boys. Woo to the hoo.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hello February...

This is ice. On the inside of my apartment windows. That's right, the inside. We're in the single digits here, close to the negatives. We're only a tad bit warmer than my hometown. That sun up in the sky is so deceiving. We were sure that it was going to get warmer because we could actually see the sky the past couple of days.
Know what the worst part of the negatives are? The wind chill. Oh. My. Heck. There's probably not much I hate more than wind chill. Because when you're waiting for the shuttle at the stop, that icy wind just blows across your body, biting every piece of exposed skin. Pretty sure that the skin cells on my face were dying when I was walking to class this morning. Because that's the only explanation for the absolute agony my nose was going through.

Dear Groundhog, let's hope you're right. I don't know how much longer I can take it.