Friday, January 21, 2011

Thank Goodness It's Finally Here...

Friday took forever to get here. Was it just me, or did this week drag on? I seriously hit a slump this week. The cough got worse, math tried to kill me, and I had a surprise birthday party to plan. Tuesday night, I was the walking dead. Seriously. But thanks to some lovely roommates and hometeachers, I was able to finally get ready for bed and sleep until I had to get up at 6:00 am to finish my math homework. Then I skipped out on class for the rest of the day. I went to the doctor (picture below) and had to wear that lovely mask.
Quick Backstory: So I had to wear this mask right? Well, when the nurse was taking my temperature and blood pressure and all that, she was asking me a bunch of questions so I pulled down my mask to talk to her. About 45 seconds later, I got reprimanded for not wearing my mask. And not very nicely. So after she left, I pulled it back off....and coughed. Without wearing the mask. Then I put it back on. I'm a menace to society.
After my little trip, I came back home and baked. Because I had a surprise party to host that night. Perfect. So after I baked cake and cookies that were terribly burnt on the bottom so I sat over the trash can with my knife and scraped off the burned bottoms absolutely perfect. Then came the math.....which I never finished. The surprise birthday party for E went wonderful. So needless to say, I could have died yesterday and been perfectly fine because that would have meant that I could have more than five to six hours of sleep. Because I really looked like death yesterday. I hadn't showered. My hair hadn't been washed for two days so it was becoming a big, curly, nappy mess. I was wearing day old make up. I'd been wearing the same shirt for two days and I'd worn a sweatshirt to school two days in a row. I smelled like Vick's Vapor Rub. Then I got hit on.
Oh yeah.
Then I went to dinner with the roommates, went to the USU V LTU game (we won), and then got ice cream. Then I fell into my glorious bed and I SHOWERED this morning. Oh, the beauty of hot water. Even though my hair didn't go down without a fight, I tamed it back into a civilized bunch of dead cells. Pretty much, I wrote this just to complain. But I really am happy that it's Friday.
And I'm going home tomorrow (we're leaving at 6:30 am). I get to go to Institute in twenty minutes. I'm going on a date with a friend tonight. And the sidewalks are dry so there's less of a chance that I'll make a idiot out of myself walking to class.
Did I mentioned that I love Friday's?


Taylor said...

Oh what a rotten week! But it IS Friday! Happyness! It's been a long week for me too. But you did an absolutely splendiferous job with E's party. Way to go! Please get better dear! Love you!