Monday, January 17, 2011

Today Has Been Productive...Sort Of...

Today has been fairly productive.
Sort of.

E and I slept in till around eight thirty, nine o' clock-ish. Then we laid in bed and talked about life in general. E played with my stretchy IKEA blanket. Then she decided we needed to go for a jog since we slept past the intended gym time. I begrudgingly followed her out of bed when she reminded me that I wanted to start running. So we went for a little jog. Then we did jumping jacks on our porch until a car of neighbors pulled up in front of us. So we ran inside for a little bit and then came back out to finish all 55 jumping jacks. Then came breakfast, a shower, and in a little bit we're going out to run errands. Then tonight is FHE. Then the other roommates come home. Then I'll do homework. Blah.
But until then, I'm eating animal crackers and listening to Jack Johnson. So I can be irresponsible for now.



Chels said...

Im glad your keepin up on your new years resolution. Way to be girl, I absolutely love animal crackers haha good choice

Che' and Amber said...

Ah Randi, you are my kinda girl. I am obsessed with animal crackers. But it HAS to be Stauffer's Original which by the look of your picture is exactly what I love. I think maybe I will write a poem of my love for them. The fact that they're also low fat just brings a tear to my eye. Maybe one day I will share a large bag with you and we can laugh and cry together of the wonderfulness of each cracker...yeah that sounds nice.