Sunday, August 29, 2010


Alright, I'm back. Finally got back in the mood to blog tonight. This past week has been insane with getting ready for college and such. Tuesday, I drove down to Logan with my mom and half my stuff (I had a class that I had to be here for Wed-Sat and I couldn't move in till my apartment till Friday) and we stayed in a hotel for the week. Friday, while I was in class, my family moved me into my apartment and got me all situated. I had an activity that night that was called the Taste of Logan and I walked around with my new friends and we tried new restraunts and got coupons and such. Go college kids. I stayed in the apartment all by myself that night (none of my other roomates had fully moved in) and let me tell you, I was not really lovin' it but I just locked my door and my bedroom door, put the pepper spray by my bed, and stayed up till one o' clock texting and watching Project Runway. Saturday, I had class which was pretty bummer but I went and it was a really great experience. My class was a class that was centered around helping freshmen get acclimated and everything so some things were pretty boring but some things were actually worthwhile. The first day of class we went and volunteered at a center for Spanish families. I met this girl named Aubrey and we immediately clicked and hung out all week. Saturday, we met in the auditorium and listened to our speaker, Luma Mufleh, coach of the refugee soccer team the Fugees. For my class we had to read a book and the book this year was Outcasts United by Warren St. John. It's all about the Fugees soccer team and the story is pretty amazing so it was a great opportunity to listen to her speak and see what kind of person she is.
I went and hung with my parents for a little bit on Saturday before they left. When they were leaving, I was having a really hard time with it because I knew that once they left, I was on my own. Moving out has been really hard because even though I know that I'll be coming back home, I don't think things will ever be the same again. I'll never live at home quite the same again because I've left. Once my parents left, I honestly sat down on the floor of my living room and bawled. Full on crying, hiccuping, sobbing, for about ten minutes (I was glad that my roomates hadn't moved in yet so I could just be upset for a while). Even now I'm still having a hard time because a part of me just wants to be home, plain and simple. I went to church with my friend Aubrey today and one of the hymns we sang was exactly what I needed to hear. #85 How Firm a Foundation. The third verse got to me especially:
“Fear not, I am with thee; O be not dismayed!
For I am thy God, and will still give thee aid;
I'll strengthen thee, help thee, and cause thee to stand,
Upheld by my righteous, omnipotent hand.

It was perfect. I took the Sacrament and I could feel the Spirit with me. It was even better when I went to Ward Prayer with my roomates.
That's a little bit of college so far. I'll upload some pictures of my room and my roomates soon. My room is pretty cute and it's starting to feel like another home. Hopefully I get more motivated to write some more and not get so down and neglect my poor little blog. I'll be back soon.

I have a crush. And it's really hard because he's home and I'm here. And I don't know if he feels the same. And I don't really like it. Oh well, I suppose. We'll see what happens.


New Blog Posts Stat..

I apologize for the lack of blog posts lately. I have been feeling completely unmotivated and even though many new things have happened lately...I have not shared them with the blogging world. I swear, I'm going to sit down this week and post about the last week of summer, Redfish Lake, the boy I have a crush on, my new apartment, and college. I just don't feel like it right now. Not that anything is direly wrong...I'm just feeling like a bump on the log. Be back soon.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Great Outdoors...

So I'm finally getting around to posting about the Palisades trip I took with my friends. I know, I know, but it took me forever to finally get around to post the pictures. Because hey, this is going to be a long post and pictures will be needed. Two weeks ago, some friends and I took a trip to Palisades Reservoir in order to have one last trip before summer ends and college begins. I was so glad to have this chance to go hang out with some of my closest friends before we all go our separate ways. One group went up earlier while some of us came up later. I drove up and my car was a party. Case in point: Chels had made some cookie bars that we were eating on the way up. She decided that I should drive with both hands on the wheel so she would need to feed me my cookie bar. Let's just say that Bee had to grab the wheel once because I was blinded and had my mouth stuffed really full. We got to the campsite (safely) and situated ourselves. We hung around, ate dinner, and just talked. Chels and I decided to go back to our tent a little earlier than everyone else and Josh came in and talked to us. We were having a good conversation when all the sudden Chels yelled, "SPIDER! Josh! Get the bugs NOW!" I never knew that Chels didn't like spiders. Josh was a good guy and killed our spiders for us and we talked until we decided to go to bed. The next morning we got ready quickly so we could go get a floating dock on the lake. We went and got a dock and then some people started out tubing and wake boarding. My friend Trevor was a beast on the tube. Almost nothing could get that kid off and if I had ridden with him (I have a slight fear of tubing) I would have been off in ten seconds. Chels was brave enough to ride with him and let me just say, that girl is tough. Way more tough than I am. We hung around on the dock, swam and then we went and played mud football on the muddy shore. The funny thing about the mud on shore is that if you get down near the mud in the water there are big holes that'll suck you in to about your thigh. So there's nothing more funny than running along and just dropping into the mud. Really, its hilarious. Even though it rained a few times throughout the day (we prayed for good weather) the little storms we had were nothing compared to the storm we encountered on our way back to camp. Big time wind. We got out of the water just in time but some boats required our manly friend's assistance. I can't believe how crazy the weather changed! One second, it was hot and sunny, and the next it looked like this! After we got back to camp it rained. And rained. And eventually we all piled into the trailer to stay warm and dry. We sat and talked and laughed some more and eventually, a bunch of us ended up in a pile on the floor, all laying on each other. I lifted my head a little bit and saw Trista laying on my stomach, Chloe on my legs, I had my feet underneath Josh's legs, and my head was right next to Bee's. Do you ever have those moments where you think to yourself, "I'm so happy right now"? That was one of those moments where everything falls into place, you're warm and safe, and just plain happy.
The next morning was gorgeous and even though a lot of us were sunburned, we went out onto the lake again. We didn't get a floating dock but we did find an old wooden washed up dock on shore that we used as base camp for the day. We swam around some more, boated, ate lots of food, ran and went sink hole jumping, and just had a good time. Eventually another storm came up, and we went and hid underneath our dock which worked out perfect.

We sat and made sandwiches and ate a lot of junk food. A lot. We sang to our playlist for the weekend and just waited for the storm to pass. Sadly, I had to leave a little earlier than everyone else so when the rained cleared enough, me and Chels and Bee left. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I felt sad to be leaving. Our song for the weekend was playing and everyone was waving goodbye to us and I knew that soon enough, everything was going to be changing and that this was one of the last times that we would all be together for a while. I closed my eyes and took a mental snapshot and then drove home with all that warm fuzziness in my heart.

It was a good weekend.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Newest Obesession...

I love home decorating/crafting/refurbishing blogs.

I'm obsessed. There are projects on almost all of these that I would love to start doing. If I had a home...then I would be buying crap off craigslist or going to the DI so I could find things to refurbish because I have been inspired. Want to see some of my favorites? Check these ladies out. But be may become addicted like me.

All Things Thrifty by Brooke
Drab To Fab
Make It and Love It
Three Men and a Lady
Poppies at Play
Redberry Barn

Few of the things I made from inspiration from these ladies. I love making rosettes now and I made this handy bow holder from a frame, ribbon, scrapbooke paper, paint and modge podge.

Don't say I didn't warn you.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Confessions of a Long Ago Dancer

Honeybees after a competition 2008

I used to dance. And I loved it. Every so often I get a little ache inside of me that misses that feeling of expression, my once flexibility, the feeling I used to get when I nailed choreography, the team camaraderie, competition trips, and that two minutes and thirty seconds to put everything out on the floor and impress people. You see, I had to quit dance after my sophomore year because I was very sick. And even though I was honestly relieved to not have to get up at 5:00 a.m. anymore or wake up feeling like every part of me was broken and be covered in bruises, or run as a punishment, or deal with drama from coaches and team mates, sometimes I still miss it. I don't really regret my decision because that team was hurting me in more ways that one. But I do miss little things about the team (like competing and friends) and I'm both glad and sad for the things I learned.
Ten Confessions of a Long Ago Dancer:
1. Sometimes I hear songs on the radio and I still count out the beats because I think it would make a good kick/prop/jazz/hip hop dance.
2. I still like to wear my leg warmers around the house.
3. A tiny part of me wishes that she could still slick her hair back into the tightest bun possible and put on heavy dance makeup because she thought it was a little cool and so dramatic.
4. I still do leaps and turns in my house and kitchen.
5. I still like to stand in first and third position.
6. I have body issues like many girls. But I contribute a lot of them to how I felt pressured to look a certain way when I danced.
7. I think its hilarious when people look at me and say, "You were on the dance team!?". You see, our dance team didn't have the best long standing reputation. And I was known as being very shy. The two didn't mix.
8. I learned that it takes a lot to make me quit. My parents begged for me to quit my sophomore year because of how sick I was. I wanted to last out the entire year. And I did (except for being pulled out of the state competition for medical release). Stubborn as all get out.
9. I no longer am very shy about changing in front of other people. Having to do a a costume change ( underthings prevent panty lines..) with only ten minutes between performances will do that to you.
10. I learned that I can virtually sleep anywhere if I have something to lean against.
So while I haven't danced for a few years...I still like to try and do fouettes in my kitchen. Because I was a dancer once. Don't judge.


Monday, August 9, 2010

On The Verge...

My life is on the verge of changing. And I'm terrified beyond reason. I'm so ridiculously scared. I keep closing my eyes and praying to myself, "Remember how it is right now, exactly how it is, because it won't be like this forever." How did the past four years fly by so quickly? When did everything change? Did I miss the memo that said: "Remember and savor everything because it's going to pass by quicker than you'll know." College starts in a little over two weeks...I'm so not ready and I don't even know when I'll become ready. I'm scared. I'm not ready to leave behind my old perfectly small, comfortably familiar life. I'm not ready to leave home and my own room. I wake up in my bed every morning and try to appreciate it because once I leave home, it'll all change. I'm not ready to leave behind my family or my friends. I'm comfortable with my routine that I have now. I've been really emotional about this year being my last year at Cedar Badge lately and I'm beginning to really question my decision about this being my very last year. I'm really struggling with it. I feel like crying every time I think about it. Actually, I'm beginning to question every decision that I've made about my future lately. I'm so unsure. This weekend was the last trip I had with my friends before everything changes. Bee, Chels, and I had to leave earlier than everyone else on Saturday and as we were pulling away on the boat, I took one last look at everyone. Our theme song for the weekend was playing and everyone was dancing and waving goodbye to us. I closed my eyes and took a mental snapshot of the lake, my friends, and the entire weekend. And a little part of my heart was sniffling inside because this is the last time that we'll all be together for a while. I turned to Bee and told her, "This makes me sad. Where did the weekend go? Everything changes after this." I feel like everything is rushing past me and all I want to do is just make it slow down for just a second. Till I can catch up and feel like I can breathe again. Because right now? I'm a little shaken and I need some time to anchor myself...

“All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another.”- Anatole France


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chalking and a Countdown...

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm leaving for college near the end of the month so I'm trying to live up as much summer as I possibly can before its back to a new school, books, and homework. Last night was Girl's Night and even though only a few of us could make it, we had fun (like always). I showed up later than everyone else so by time I finally came around, there were only three of us. We were in Bee's basement and baked cookies and sat on the counters so we could just talk..because we're girls and we like to do stuff like that. We talked about how EXCITED we are to be going to Palisades Reservoir at the end of the week with our group and all the shenanigans that we might pull. Then we decided that we needed to pull more shenanigans that night! So we went Chalking. What is Chalking you might ask? Chalking is the new TP. Chalking is a ridiculous amount of fun. And Chalking involves what it sounds like: chalk. It's basically going to someones house and decorating their driveway/sidewalk. Way better than TP because it's more original and no one has to clean anything up. Unless you write dirty words or something but we're good girls and we would never do anything like that. So we went and chalked a few of our friends houses. We ran around with our hoods on and army crawled through yards. We almost got caught at the first house..and then we got caught at the second house! We didn't even hear our friend's family come out of the house till we turned around and there they were! So we ran to our getaway car and tried to lose them through the neighborhood but they decided to follow us! But we're super sneaky and pulled some evasive maneuvers and eventually after racing though a few neighborhoods and Chels yelling things (nice things) at them through the sun-roof, we lost them. James Bond, Ethan Hunt..they got nothin' on us. We didn't make anymore mistakes after that. The Little Pink Piranhas/Dinos/Ponies/Tacos are too good for that.
Speaking of Palisades Reservoir, I cannot wait! We're leaving tomorrow night and then we're coming back Saturday. I need to pack tonight before my date though. That's right, I've got another date. And I can't wait for this weekend! Woo! I love me some summertime.

Isn't Palisades gorgeous?


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Date #5 and a Mathematic Equation...

Well...we went on our fifth date last night (he's the guy from the First Date Dilemmas post). It was pretty perfect and we had a lot of fun. And I laughed alot. Just one of those summer nights. We decided to spend some time together before he leaves on vacation and I leave to school. Ah, summer flings. I'll show you the simple mathmatic equation.



Simple enough?


Monday, August 2, 2010

What the...August?!

Can someone explain to me how August is here already? Where did my summer go? When did the plans of sitting by Rigby Lake to get tan, eating Popsicles everyday, having water fights, and everything else that embodies summer slide right by me? Was I just not looking? Because its August! And I know exactly why this is making me freak out...because I leave for college in 21 days. 21 days. That's all I have left of my teenage freedom. That doesn't seem quite fair to me just yet. I had two big things that designated my summer for me. Cedar Badge and college. Beginning and end. And I felt very let down after Cedar Badge. Not because I didn't have a great time (read the post, you'll wish you were there too) but because that was the BIG thing of my summer. And now? College. Which is exciting but..I'm not quite ready for it yet. 21 days left of summer. What happened this summer weekend? This weekend I went floating a canal with the first-date boy (even though this was like the fourth date) and some of his friends. It was a lot of fun even though the heavens opened upon us and it poured. And I mean poured. And then it pounded so hard that it was starting to sting a little bit and I was walking a little blindly because the rain was going right into my eyes. But it was an adventure. And I couldn't help but laugh when we were floating along in the rain even though we were shivering. Because it was pretty funny. Even though I was freezing and my back hurt a little bit from when I hit a giant rock hiding in the shallow water. And my scab from my nasty leg fell off in the water. Remember my nasty leg? Yeah, well it got nastier. Nasty enough in fact, that I went to the doctor who informed me it was infected and that I now needed to take antibiotics twice a day till my two bottles were gone. All because of socks! What else happened this weekend? I smacked my head on the bench in front of me at church. And now I have a bruise that is very tender. How you may ask, because it is common knowledge that banging your head on the bench in front of you in commonly reserved for those individuals aged 0-4? Well amidst being kicked in my bad leg, getting toys thrown at me, getting my skirt hiked clear up by a certain child on my lap, trying to keep that certain child from pulling her dress up, and trying to pick up a toy, I walloped my head. And unlike those 0-4 year olds, I can't start to cry and look at my mother with tear-filled eyes, demanding consolation in the form of a fruit snack because I have a few years on the o-4 year olds. So I have to be a grown up and whisper, "Fetch!" under my breath and blink really fast a few times. I'm going camping this weekend with some friends. It's going to be a grand time because we'll get to spend some time together because a lot of us head off to college and Trevor leaves on his mission. I'm quite excited for it...because I'm hoping that I'll get a little tan, and take a bunch of pictures, and pretty much laugh my head off. Because hey, I've only got 21 days of summer left.

Remember Navy Guy? We went on a lunch date last Friday. It was...interesting.