Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chalking and a Countdown...

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm leaving for college near the end of the month so I'm trying to live up as much summer as I possibly can before its back to a new school, books, and homework. Last night was Girl's Night and even though only a few of us could make it, we had fun (like always). I showed up later than everyone else so by time I finally came around, there were only three of us. We were in Bee's basement and baked cookies and sat on the counters so we could just talk..because we're girls and we like to do stuff like that. We talked about how EXCITED we are to be going to Palisades Reservoir at the end of the week with our group and all the shenanigans that we might pull. Then we decided that we needed to pull more shenanigans that night! So we went Chalking. What is Chalking you might ask? Chalking is the new TP. Chalking is a ridiculous amount of fun. And Chalking involves what it sounds like: chalk. It's basically going to someones house and decorating their driveway/sidewalk. Way better than TP because it's more original and no one has to clean anything up. Unless you write dirty words or something but we're good girls and we would never do anything like that. So we went and chalked a few of our friends houses. We ran around with our hoods on and army crawled through yards. We almost got caught at the first house..and then we got caught at the second house! We didn't even hear our friend's family come out of the house till we turned around and there they were! So we ran to our getaway car and tried to lose them through the neighborhood but they decided to follow us! But we're super sneaky and pulled some evasive maneuvers and eventually after racing though a few neighborhoods and Chels yelling things (nice things) at them through the sun-roof, we lost them. James Bond, Ethan Hunt..they got nothin' on us. We didn't make anymore mistakes after that. The Little Pink Piranhas/Dinos/Ponies/Tacos are too good for that.
Speaking of Palisades Reservoir, I cannot wait! We're leaving tomorrow night and then we're coming back Saturday. I need to pack tonight before my date though. That's right, I've got another date. And I can't wait for this weekend! Woo! I love me some summertime.

Isn't Palisades gorgeous?