Monday, August 2, 2010

What the...August?!

Can someone explain to me how August is here already? Where did my summer go? When did the plans of sitting by Rigby Lake to get tan, eating Popsicles everyday, having water fights, and everything else that embodies summer slide right by me? Was I just not looking? Because its August! And I know exactly why this is making me freak out...because I leave for college in 21 days. 21 days. That's all I have left of my teenage freedom. That doesn't seem quite fair to me just yet. I had two big things that designated my summer for me. Cedar Badge and college. Beginning and end. And I felt very let down after Cedar Badge. Not because I didn't have a great time (read the post, you'll wish you were there too) but because that was the BIG thing of my summer. And now? College. Which is exciting but..I'm not quite ready for it yet. 21 days left of summer. What happened this summer weekend? This weekend I went floating a canal with the first-date boy (even though this was like the fourth date) and some of his friends. It was a lot of fun even though the heavens opened upon us and it poured. And I mean poured. And then it pounded so hard that it was starting to sting a little bit and I was walking a little blindly because the rain was going right into my eyes. But it was an adventure. And I couldn't help but laugh when we were floating along in the rain even though we were shivering. Because it was pretty funny. Even though I was freezing and my back hurt a little bit from when I hit a giant rock hiding in the shallow water. And my scab from my nasty leg fell off in the water. Remember my nasty leg? Yeah, well it got nastier. Nasty enough in fact, that I went to the doctor who informed me it was infected and that I now needed to take antibiotics twice a day till my two bottles were gone. All because of socks! What else happened this weekend? I smacked my head on the bench in front of me at church. And now I have a bruise that is very tender. How you may ask, because it is common knowledge that banging your head on the bench in front of you in commonly reserved for those individuals aged 0-4? Well amidst being kicked in my bad leg, getting toys thrown at me, getting my skirt hiked clear up by a certain child on my lap, trying to keep that certain child from pulling her dress up, and trying to pick up a toy, I walloped my head. And unlike those 0-4 year olds, I can't start to cry and look at my mother with tear-filled eyes, demanding consolation in the form of a fruit snack because I have a few years on the o-4 year olds. So I have to be a grown up and whisper, "Fetch!" under my breath and blink really fast a few times. I'm going camping this weekend with some friends. It's going to be a grand time because we'll get to spend some time together because a lot of us head off to college and Trevor leaves on his mission. I'm quite excited for it...because I'm hoping that I'll get a little tan, and take a bunch of pictures, and pretty much laugh my head off. Because hey, I've only got 21 days of summer left.

Remember Navy Guy? We went on a lunch date last Friday. It was...interesting.


Tyson and Alli said...

I know, right? What the crap happened to July! I can't believe you're going to college soon. That is the craziest. I hope you're just so excited! You're going to love it!

Kim said...

Would that be my lovely child?!? Just remember how much she adores you!

Randi Lynn said...

Haha yes. But I adore her too (: