Friday, February 10, 2012

from down under...

first letter from australia.
yes, i have been anticipating this letter for a few days...
i sent a letter from dearelder back in january. i've been checking the mail ever since. cue to tuesday. tuesdays are known as taco tuesdays around these parts. meaning friends and roommates go and get tacos at cafe rio because they are cheap on tuesdays. in the midst of getting myself a drink (diet coke and vanilla coke mixed, yum) i received a phone call from my dad...and the first thing he said to me was, "you have a letter from down under here."
yes, i had a freak out in cafe rio.
okay, a mildly big freak out.
i think the first thing i said was, "why did he send it there!?!"
thankfully, the parents mailed it to me the very next day.
cue to today. lo and behold, there was finally mail in the mailbox for me.
i just stared at it at my kitchen table for a few minutes before even opening it.
have you seen this clip?
pretty sure i was running around an 8 on the scale.
i might have cried a little.

Monday, February 6, 2012

you know you're a college student when...

you know you're a college student when...

-you try to put off doing groceries until you realize that you have nothing to use to pack a lunch for tomorrow..or eat for you begrudgingly leave.
-upon returning from said trip, the first thing you excitedly say to your roommate is, "I HAVE FOOD!!!!!!!!!"
-you're still putting off laundry.
-going to bed early is a reward.
-you try to figure out how many things you can buy with change i.e. pennies and nickles.
-highlighters are you're new best friend.
-when three exams in one week start sounding pretty doable. that or you're just trying to kid yourself. or you're in denial. let's go with the latter.
-when your teacher says you can bring one page of notes for the exam if you so choose...and your first thought is, "four chapters? challenge accepted."

yes, i now have carpal tunnel.