Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I'm procrastinating a paper.

That's the basis for this post.
I just really don't want to write my paper. So I'll type a little collection of stories.
I've been annoyed with my classes as of late. I feel that my assignments don't have much to do with my classes, that their purpose is to fulfill my teachers' personal agendas of what they think about their professions of professing. My patience runs thin.
Boyfriend and I watched Phantom of the Opera on Monday night. I forgot how much I love that movie. Seriously, I was obsessed when it came out. I was in 7th grade. I had stills from the movie taped inside my locker. This is a true story. Today, I listened to the soundtrack on Spotify. 7th grade Randi would be proud.
Speaking of Boyfriend, we went on a classy Lunchables date on Monday too. I wanted the pizza Lunchables     and Boyfriend complied (I attribute this to being that when I was at the commonly acceptable age for Lunchables, my mom always bought us the cracker kind with the meat and cheese. I think she thought it had a little bit more nutritional value. Mom, thanks for watching out for us. By the way, I got the pizza AND the cracker kind).
Boyfriend also has shifts that I'm not particularly fond of for the next two weeks. 2pm-10pm. Erryday. With a 30 minute commute. I am weak sauce, I know. It could be way worse. So, I'll just look at it on the side of that maybe I'll study a little bit more without the 5th roommate hanging around.
Speaking of roommates, I have really great ones who put up with me being gone a lot. Plus, they're funny. We pick up on each other's weird habits and somehow emulate them into our own lives. Thanks to me, the word "dude" is incorporated daily into our conversations. I said it a lot before and I think that hanging out with teenagers all summer encouraged it even more. So, dude.

Also, once upon a time, I went to my class entitled Human Sexuality (yes, that is a required course for me this semester). So here I am in class, learning waaaaaaay too much about my classmates' personal lives. Sometimes I want to be like, "DUDES, I appreciate that you feel so comfortable with all of us but pleaseeeeeee stop sharing your personal information. I didn't want to know that about you." But, because our class is a safe place, I don't.

But I wish I did.
Now I have to go write said paper for said class above.