Monday, August 15, 2011

No, I Didn't Forget I Had a Blog...

Indeed, I have been missing as of late. How are you doing? Did you miss my posts at all? Can I just tell you how much I loved loved loved New Jersey and New York? Really, I did. It was a wonderful experience for a small Idaho girl such as myself. The experience was magical and eye opening and I loved every second of it. I'll post later this week of the experience and every wonderful thing I got to see, promise.
It's a little strange to think that I'll be heading back to school in two weeks. Literally, two weeks from today will be my first day of my sophomore year of college. Eeep. So much has transpired over the course of this summer, I feel as if it can't really be time to go back yet. This summer has been one filled with lessons. Much of it has been very personal which is why I haven't blogged much.
Fear not, Life and Times of a Miss will return with all it's silly, sarcastic comments for the school year! To everyone who reads this little piece of the internet, thank you for your comments that make me feel like people actually read this stuff. I can guarantee you that more ridiculousness will occur this year.