Friday, December 30, 2011



This may have been my personal mantra this past year. Remember last year's post? Man oh man. If 2010 Randi knew that this year was coming...she probably would have been like "No thanks, take that back and give me something else please". Cause that's kinda what my brain was thinking this year. Let's get it out there that I am a generally happy person, really. One of my greatest beliefs in life is that happiness lies in your own hands. You can make it or break it.
But I was not happy for the greater portion of this last year.
That was a tough pill to swallow and this is my public owning up to it. It was hard. I had to ask for a lot of help. Things in my life changed, opened up, closed, and some things suffered. Like this blog. I found it very hard to blog when I felt that I had nothing to share. So I just didn't.
I thought I knew who I was. And really, I had only scratched the surface. And instead of hating this past year, I am so grateful for it. Did I cry alot? Did I feel like I had hit rock bottom? Did I get angry and tired and upset and feel like a failure? Yes.
I had a family that helped hold my hand through it. I opened my heart and sorted things out. I prayed like I've never prayed in my life. I spent countless hours in silent pleas with my Heavenly Father to save me, help me, take this away from me. I grew in ways that I did not know were possible. And my relationships with many were strengthened.
If there's one thing that I hope comes out of the trials I was given, I hope that my trials have made me a stronger and softer person. I hope that I've become kinder and more patient. I know that I have become more faithful and trusting with my Father in Heaven and Savior.
2011 was like a refiner's fire for me. And I will forever be thankful for it. Here's to overcoming struggles and learning rough lessons.
Happy New Year

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Basically, I'd really like to update with some pictures but blogger is being incredibly lame-o.
Oh December, how quickly you end.
I liked Christmas a whole lot. What about you guys?
We made away like bandits.
I get blessed a lot. It's kinda the best.
The roommate got married. It was beautifully sad.
I got to see all my other roommates though and that made up for things.
I have a nasty cold that's making me cranky.
And having the snow gone? That's complete weirdness.
Basically, this makes no sense.
Sorry, but not really.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

O4 Christmas...

Merry Christmas! Wait, you didn't know it was Christmas today? Well, it's actually only Christmas here at O4. Alisha and I wrote this little poem to describe our O4 Christmas Eve/Christmas Day celebration...

Twas the night before our Christmas and all through O4,
Every creature was stirring, behind the closed door.
The mattresses were pulled from their stands with great care,
and then set down to soften each hard, narrow stair.
The event began, and they slid down with great cheer,
Yelling, "Yes! We love Christmas in here!".
After the slipping and sliding of each person was done,
They crawled into bed, and fell asleep one by one.
When morning came, Randi rose very quick,
She got the house ready, in the spirit of St. Nick.
The tree was lit, the music was playing,
But the other roommates kept laying and laying.
They finally awoke, and the gift-giving began,
Each person got presents, each and every woman.
Then into the kitchen to eat up some food,
The sticky bun biscuits were especially good!
More mattress sliding ensued after that,
Until, we fear, our mattresses were flat.
When all was said and when all was done,
O4 Christmas was incredibly fun!!

O4: Aubrey, Randi, Erika, Heidi, and Alisha

Aren't the aprons Alisha made us so fantastic?

Sticky Bun Biscuits. Thank you, Pinterest.

Mattress Sledding!

Snow! It's a Christmas miracle...

Merry O4 Christmas.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Friday, December 2, 2011


I have 7:30 class just about every morning. And while it's an incredibly hard task to talk myself into getting out of bed and into the shower in the mornings, it brings me moments that I wouldn't otherwise get in the later hours of hustle and bustle in the mornings. I'll be honest, when I first get out the door and get hit with the first wave of cold air, the only thoughts running through my mind are, "Why am I voluntarily getting up this early to go to class? Why is it so freaking cold? My bed is still probably warm...WHY AM I EVEN IN COLLEGE?!"
But, as I start walking across the parking lot to the bus stop, I notice the stillness. The quiet peace with the morning light that is slowly peeking over the mountain tops. And just for those five or ten minutes before I get to class, my morning is quiet and still. I can take a chance to just be before I start going through my mental check lists of the day and the daily noise of homework, exams, and the crowds on campus. There's a little part of me that lives for that moment of my day just like the part of me that lives for the moment when I slip into bed. Make no mistake, I'm not planning on taking a another 7:30am class if I can help it, especially during second semester when the air is so cold it hurts to breathe and your eyes water. I'm just writing this little note to remember the days where peace comes early along with the sun and the world is just mine, just for a moment. Because in that early morning moment, anything is possible.