Tuesday, December 13, 2011

O4 Christmas...

Merry Christmas! Wait, you didn't know it was Christmas today? Well, it's actually only Christmas here at O4. Alisha and I wrote this little poem to describe our O4 Christmas Eve/Christmas Day celebration...

Twas the night before our Christmas and all through O4,
Every creature was stirring, behind the closed door.
The mattresses were pulled from their stands with great care,
and then set down to soften each hard, narrow stair.
The event began, and they slid down with great cheer,
Yelling, "Yes! We love Christmas in here!".
After the slipping and sliding of each person was done,
They crawled into bed, and fell asleep one by one.
When morning came, Randi rose very quick,
She got the house ready, in the spirit of St. Nick.
The tree was lit, the music was playing,
But the other roommates kept laying and laying.
They finally awoke, and the gift-giving began,
Each person got presents, each and every woman.
Then into the kitchen to eat up some food,
The sticky bun biscuits were especially good!
More mattress sliding ensued after that,
Until, we fear, our mattresses were flat.
When all was said and when all was done,
O4 Christmas was incredibly fun!!

O4: Aubrey, Randi, Erika, Heidi, and Alisha

Aren't the aprons Alisha made us so fantastic?

Sticky Bun Biscuits. Thank you, Pinterest.

Mattress Sledding!

Snow! It's a Christmas miracle...

Merry O4 Christmas.


Lynae Nae said...

your apartment is so cute! jealous of those adorable aprons. hope finals are going good! merry christmas!!!

Emma said...

I love love love the poem!

miss dawn said...

I am very much impressed!! love all you pretty ladies