Friday, December 2, 2011


I have 7:30 class just about every morning. And while it's an incredibly hard task to talk myself into getting out of bed and into the shower in the mornings, it brings me moments that I wouldn't otherwise get in the later hours of hustle and bustle in the mornings. I'll be honest, when I first get out the door and get hit with the first wave of cold air, the only thoughts running through my mind are, "Why am I voluntarily getting up this early to go to class? Why is it so freaking cold? My bed is still probably warm...WHY AM I EVEN IN COLLEGE?!"
But, as I start walking across the parking lot to the bus stop, I notice the stillness. The quiet peace with the morning light that is slowly peeking over the mountain tops. And just for those five or ten minutes before I get to class, my morning is quiet and still. I can take a chance to just be before I start going through my mental check lists of the day and the daily noise of homework, exams, and the crowds on campus. There's a little part of me that lives for that moment of my day just like the part of me that lives for the moment when I slip into bed. Make no mistake, I'm not planning on taking a another 7:30am class if I can help it, especially during second semester when the air is so cold it hurts to breathe and your eyes water. I'm just writing this little note to remember the days where peace comes early along with the sun and the world is just mine, just for a moment. Because in that early morning moment, anything is possible.


Shantel said...

I randomly came across your blog - but just wanted to post and say that I loved this! I graduated from Utah State last year and had several required 7:30 classes. I remember the dread - but then also the peace that came during that time. I love this post! It makes me miss Logan terribly. Anyway... thanks for letting me read!

Emma said...

Dear Randi Lynn, reading this beautifully written post reminded me of the many morning we would stand at that corner waiting in the freezing cold for the bus to take us to campus. And the awkward closeness we shared with strangers as we stood back to back with then on the bus. Those were good times. I love and miss you!

Thanks for remembering you have a blog! I do love reading it. :)

Chels said...

I love this post! This is so awesome. I need to get by behind out of bed earlier. Mornings can be so pretty! Good attitude your awesome.