Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Appreciate...My Feet

As I embark on my year of happiness, I realized that I needed a game plan in order to be happy. I couldn't just wake up one morning and say, "Self, today I am happy." Because for me, it doesn't really really work that way. I'm a goal oriented person, always wanting to achieve more. So I realized that each month, I needed to learn to appreciate more, love more, laugh more, and learn to be. So again I said, "Self, what's the one thing that we do not appreciate most?" (I know that you all refer to yourselves as "Self" and don't trying hiding it). body. I under appreciate my body any given day of the week and I know that I'm not alone in this. So for this month, I will be appreciating my body (not in a weird way or anything).

Today we will begin with feet.

My feet are medium sized (size 8). They are as flat as a pancake. My pinky toe is shaped like a triangle and my second toe is longer than the first. My feet look just like my father's. My feet had a pedicure yesterday and they liked it. My feet enjoy shoes and funny socks. They would live in my Chacos year-round if I would let them. This year, they will learn to run again. My feet have carried me across campus, up hills, throughout mountain trails, paddled me in lakes, rivers, and oceans, ran across sandy beaches, and squished in the mud. My feet like freedom. They love to swing across grass and walk in the dusty dirt. My feet fear no spiders (as long as they have shoes on of course, my feet not the spiders). My feet are strong. They dance, hop, skip, and jump. They carry my body everyday and everywhere. And I like them.


I'm Randi and I got those new shoes (last picture) yesterday. My feet like them because they're quirky and comfortable. How do you feel about your feet?


_kArLy[*] said...

cutest ever! i like!

Chels said...

Ooo so cute! Love new shoes. You have beautiful feet haha.