Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's Time To Meet Fatty...

This is my guitar, Fatty.
He lives a good old life here in O4. He gets to hang out with his other guitar friends (three of my roommates also play) and he get's played often if not by me, then by others. Fatty is known as Fatty because back in guitar class, after my lesson was finished I would try to stuff him back in his case and sometimes it was a struggle. Plus there's the fact that he's bigger than all my other roommates' guitars.
Here's a secret...Fatty was $50 from Target.
Fatty and I get along usually. He's a little high maintenance. I have to keep my fingernails shorty short short if I want to play and he has to be paid attention to every few days or he gets cranky and out of tune. But he has a nice deep voice and likes to be played, especially by those much more experienced than I.
Fatty keeps me from getting really homesick. If I have a bad day then I play all the sad songs that I know and Fatty sings along with me. And then I'll jump around like a rockstar. Works every time.
We are BFF's. Don't judge.