Sunday, January 16, 2011

Good Sunday To You Too...

I love love Sundays.

So super wonderful. Church today was great. Everything went together so well in lessons and everyone had about a billion and five wonderful comments to share. I love days like that. My coughing was even kept down to a minimum and scratchy voice is getting better. The speakers in Sacrament meeting were absolute genius. E and I giggled about silly things during Sacrament meeting. Oops. There were some new faces in our ward today. It made me think about the beginning of the semester last fall. Sometimes I forget that there's life before and after this semester, that it doesn't continue in the same pattern. I forget sometimes that there was life before I met my roommates, before I moved into my little apartment. E and I took our sunday naps after our super yummy lunch (I made chicken dumpling soup, we had salad with pears on it, and some of E's homemade bread with raspberry honey butter). I woke up from my nap and started thinking about what it'll be like to move out of my apartment in the spring. It's a little strange. I remember the day my parents dropped me off and I cried like a baby on my kitchen floor. That was in August and now it's January. There's a lot of things that have happened in that space of time (like me bringing down waaay too many clothes). All I know, is that I've been very lucky to have been here in this apartment with these roommates, to be a member in a stellar ward, and lucky to be a student at a great university.

Our apartment smells super delish since we resurrected the Cinnabon candle (we burned the wick in this down after a few months into the school year because we loved this candle so much. So today, I put a birthday candle in it).

I'm still in the same spot that I was after my Sunday nap. Just with hot chocolate now.

Things that made me happy today:
Good hair day, it's warm enough to rain instead of snow, I wore heels to church, and there's no school tomorrow.



Chels said...

glad you had a good sunday:] Hot cocoa sounds so good.

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

gotta love Sundays!