Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our Guitar Debut...

I'm so behind on blogging.

Friday night (November 12th) was the Old Farm 13th Ward Guitar Concert.

Here at my apartment, four out of the five of us play the guitar. Emma had signed up to play a few weeks ago and this week, (because I love her) I told her that I'd play with her. Even though she tried to get me to play the first song by myself (I never ever ever play the guitar or sing in front of other people) we played two songs together, and Emma played one by herself. I think we did pretty good considering the fact that I was shaking from being nervous (I could have cried before we went on because hello, I cry all the time) and from having a cold all week long.
Here's a funny story though. In the first video, you'll hear us dedicate our song to Steve. Steve is our Family Home Evening brother who told us about five minutes before we went on that we should dedicate our song to him. "Are you sure?" we asked, because we knew the lyrics to the song and we weren't sure that he did. So during our performance, you can hear how people liked that we dedicated it to good ol' Steve. Plus, he dedicated his performance to "Emma and Randall, the great girls from 04". We're so famous.

We only got half of our second song.

My roommate is so cute, watch her scratch her nose haha.

I'm Randi and this is why I shouldn't sing while I'm sick.