Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Frustration List...

I get frustrated. Big surprise right?! Because I'm the first person in the history of the big wide world to get frustrated. Not. What's frustrating me? Let's look at the list (I'm a list oriented person but I'll make it short).
1. It seems like I study, study, study, for some of my tests and then I don't get a good grade on them. Yeah, I pass(eh...) but not with the score I would like.
2. I don't date. Not for a lack of trying you see, but I haven't been on a date since the end of September. I haven't been on a single date with anyone from Utah State and it's a little hard when my friends and roommates are going on dates and I'm home...cleaning.
3. Boys. They go right along with dating.
4. Working out. Enough said.
5. Just trying to figure out when I'm going to do with my life in the next five years.

But you know what else? Being frustrated just helps lead me to what I'm thankful and some minor solutions to my frustrations.
1. Today, I barely studied for my Human Development test. I got a 98% on it. That's right, I studied an hour before class and missed one question. Guess who doesn't have to take the final now?
2. There's not really a solution for this one because I don't really know how to fix it unless I start throwing myself on every cute boy in my path and brothers and sisters, I don't think that's the best way to get a date.
3. Boys...grmmff. All I can say is that I'm not playing the games anymore. I've dated boys who played the games and I'm done with all that. I left it behind me in high school and I'm not picking it up again. Yes, I'm interested in some boys but I'm not just another girl to join their fan club. I've been told I'm a special kind of girl my whole life (usually by the old people in my ward who consequently ask me in church how many boys I have to beat off me every week...which is a big zero) and dang it, I'm going to make guys realize it. There's no one else out there like me. I'm not going to chase anyone. It's high time that I deserve to be chased. And if not, then I'll grow to be an old cat lady with 67 cats and I'll live happy by darn it!
4. Ahem. I haven't gained my freshmen fifteen and I still refuse to do it. Hello gym and aerobic kickboxing, here I come.
5. Planning out my life is hard. I have no idea where I'll be in five years. I'm taking 17 credits next semester. Hello, no social life. But its going to be fine. All good. If all else fails, I'll learn never to take 17 credits so help me again.

This I know...
My Father in Heaven loves me.
The Church is true.
I belong at Utah State.
My parents and my best friends are a phone call away.
I can do almost anything.
And from one of my favorite movies...
"My life is good. Real good."



Ashley said...

My dear Randi...I understand ALL of your frustrations, because I share many of them my dear. You are amazing. Also...I don't date either and I end up stay home to so maybe one of these times we are to go on a date together (that sounded weird but you know what I mean :))

Chels said...

Oh dear i havent read in a while, thats my bad. HHOOWWEVVEERR, I hope you find solutions to ALl your frustrations. I get frustrated too....it sucks. BUT, I do sooo totally agree with you on that fact that You Do Deserve To Be Chased. Randi, you are one strong (imagine a black woman standing behind doin 'mmhmm' with attitude right now), independent (mmhmm), beautiful (mmhmm) smart (mmhmm) fun (mmhmm) awesome woman! Can I get an Amen! (AAAMMMEN sista). Some studly dude will come and snatch you off your feet, just be patient:] Love ya rand, and I am a phone call away @ any hour of the day.

p.s I LOVE the nacho referal at the end, made my day:]