Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Somtimes...I get sad.
And my heart hurts a little bit.
And at night I pray and ask my Father if He hears me down here, little old me. If He knows that I'm here in Logan and that my heart hurts.
That I feel stuck, that I'm here just waiting for something but I don't know what is is. Because that's the current theme for my life right now.
It gets a little hard sometimes.
And then I cry some more. I swear I've cried more by the side of my bed here in my apartment than in my bed at home home.
Then I find things like this...
Then I cry some more.
You see, I know that my Father hears me and knows me for Randi. I know that He loves me and He's got to be chuckling at me often.
But sometimes I forget and I doubt.
Sometimes, I feel that I don't deserve to be sad because my life is so good. I don't write these posts to make people feel sad for me or worry about me. In fact, I'd rather keep everything inside and not let anyone know that I'm not strong all the time. But that'd be pointless. Because this is my life; everything you read is what I feel, what I believe, what I love.
So here's me in all my small little sad glory.
Tonight, I'm humble.
Just be grateful I didn't post an ugly cry picture.