Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Overheard at O4...

Conversations with the Roommates

R: Time to say Family Prayer, whose turn is it?
E: I'll say it.
R:Good, pray for us not to think about boys.

E: I love this song. It's so cute. (Marry Me by Train)
R: E, will you marry me?
E: Of course.
Couple minutes later...
E: Are you sure you want to be my roommate next year?
R: Of course, I've already gotten you used to all my strange quirks and weirdness. Plus, we're getting married, remember?

E: I want to get married.
R: Don't worry, someday we'll be cute and married. And then we'll have bigger problems to worry about.

Sitting at the kitchen table burning hair into the candle...
J: Guys, what if we did drugs?
R: We should do this during finals week.
J: What, drugs?

R: "He has more mood swings than a girl!"
E: "Sit down and eat a German Pancake."

E: Said in Russian accent, "This is brilliant."

S: Said in French accent, while yelling from the vent in her room down to the kitchen, "Emma, ze baby! She is crying!"

M: "How's math treating you?"
R: "Oh, you know just hating my teacher like the usual. No biggie."

E: Creepy voice, "You think these under eye circles are from lack of sleep?"

S: Shut in the closet, unknowingly locked in, "Guys, I have a light on my watch!"
"Can you get me a spoon at least?"
Laughter, giggles, E sits on a chair in front of the door,
S: "Hey, what's in front of this door! Let me out! Fake crying and more laughing. Fine! I'll just eat all your food!"

In other words, yesterday was in the sixties and college kids were running around in shorts and flips flops. It was a day of glorious, bountiful sunshine. Then we woke up to this...
I'm so sick of winter.


Chels said...

Haha oh I love you guys. Those are pretty funny haha. shoot i need to visit i believe.