Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Need My Vitamin D...

It's still furrrrr--eeezing in Logan. But at least we can see the sky today. Remember how much I hate wind chill? I hate inversion too. Because it makes Logan go all foggy and keeps the sun and it's wonderful rays away. So the only chance of me being all naturally warm is when I sit by the windows in the TSC. Which I was and it was glorious to be feeling all that nice, warm sunshine on my sad white-y skin but alas, I had to move because I needed to plug my computer in. Boo. Hoo. There should be wall outlets next to the windows because now I'm stuck in a un-sunny corner.

Five things that I despise about today:
1. Big fat zit on my face. Like big enough, that if I cross my eyes towards my nose...I can see the shape of my zit. And it's probably not going away in time for my date tomorrow.
2. Boys spitting on the sidewalks. It's disgusting. Stop it right now.
3. People who are super noisy in the study areas. It's like, "Hello, no I'm just sitting here with a political science book open on my lap BECAUSE I LIKE IT NOT BECAUSE I'M ACTUALLY DOING HOMEWORK IN A STUDY AREA." For the record, I don't like political science.
4. Math professor. That's all.
5. Today...I just really want to be home.

Five things I like about today:
1. The sun is out!
2. My hands smell like the super delicious orange I just ate.
3. I washed my hair today! I'm getting on this really bad habit of running out of time to do things so washing my hair is the first priority to go...
4. I. Have. No. Homework. To. Do. Tonight.
5. I have a date tomorrow. IWA Formal/Semi-Formal dance. E and I are going. With cute boys. Woo to the hoo.


Chels said...

Well Idk whats up with this post cause its kinda hard to read, haha but the pictures are really cute! haha, hope your not too homesick, love ya randall:]