Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dance, Dance...

E and I went to the IWA dance last night with our super awesome, super handsome dates. Beforehand, we went and got our makeup done by a Mary Kay consultant that we'd met Tuesday at our IWA activity (consider it just my luck that I got a huge zit this week and it was the worst on Friday) and she was a miracle worker. Hallelujah.
It was such a fun dance. I pretty much laughed all night long and my feet hurt from dancing so much at the end of the night (I wore heels, thinking it'd be okay since they were my shortest heels) but it was ridiculously fun dancing around with my date and my roommate and her date. Plus, our ward pretty much made up half the crowd. No biggie, 13th Ward represent!
It was a good college night.


Oh yeah, did I mention that I had a good time? 'Cause I sure did.


Chels said...

Oh it looks like you had so much fun Randi! I love that your enjoying college it makes me miss you though haha.