Monday, February 28, 2011

Well, Hello...

Oh, Monday. I don't understand why you must come so quickly after Sunday. Really, take your time.

It is cold in Logan again. Which is extremely unmotivating for someone who was planning on going running today. No worries, I'll just freeze my nose off. It's all worth it right? I should be totally rested for kickboxing and my afternoon jog since I took a two and a half hour nap yesterday and I went to bed at 10pm and didn't get up till 7am. Actually, who'd like to take a nap right now? Don't be ashamed, raise your hand. I'm totally with you there. If I reclaim all the naps I refused as a child, I totally would. Bad move, younger Randi.
It's Spring Break next week.
I'm just super de duper excited. I cannot wait for a whole week of school. By the way, guess who's almost done with her freshmen year of college? Moi. Unreal? I believe so.

Go listen to THESE SONGS because I am now in love with them.
In other words...

Remember how I like to blog stalk? Well this time, I actually know this person.
Meet this blog: karly plus wade.
Karly is super cute. She's married, has a great blog, and is amazing with a camera. I predict she'll hit the big blog status one day, just you wait. And then I can say I knew her in high school. But enough about me, go visit her blog.
Super quick.


Che' and Amber said...

Thanks for showing me your friend's blog. I absolutely LOVE blogging. Especially when there are blogs that are fun to read and also do giveaways. Karly is doing a giveaway it looks like and I've entered in for those amazingly cute headbands from Shabby Shack Creations. LOVE THEM! So thanks Randi for posting!

Chels said...

I totally wish I could take a daily nap haha. Wow you guys are already having spring break? That seems so soon (especially since theres not spring to be seen haha)