Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Woke Up and What Did I See?

It snowed all day yesterday. Like all day long. Last night, E and I went to our neighbors' apartment to watch a movie. When we came out around 12:30pm, there was a lot more snow if that was even possible. Then we woke up this morning. I put on my boots and jacket so I could go clear off my car before I went to the gym and encountered a lot of wet, white stuff...
Note that I'm up to past my ankles in that stuff and higher in other places. What happened to it being sixty degrees just two weeks ago? Oh, and then my car got stuck pulling out. But no worries, I'm an Idaho girl and my roommate is super strong.
Please oh, please let spring come soon.

Please go watch this. Your day will be 13,054309865368 times better. E and I can't stop quoting it. The names in in are my favorite, naturally.


Chels said...

OH boy! Holy snow, haha heres the deal though, Im big into snowboarding right now in case you couldnt tell from my blog, so can you send me some of that? K thanks haha.