Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Is...

...pretty pointless. Unless you're in love love. Or engaged. Or married.
Which I am neither...(Hello, Life and Times of A Miss peeps).

Really though. I know people say how much they love the holiday and how people shouldn't be bitter about it, and Single Awareness Day and blah blah blah. Here's the thing: It's easy to say how much you love the holiday of love when you're in love. Or not feeling like the lame one in your apartment because you're not in love and instead you're upstairs on your bed while you can hear your roommates being all cute with their significant others all around you whilst you listen to Taylor Swift. Exiting soap box now.
Whatever. Someday I'll be married and it'll be a little better than that right? Please give me something to look forward to.
I started off my Valentine's pretty sweaty for a while. Kickboxing and going for a jog will do that to you. But then I got into that blissful box called a shower, tamed the hair, fixed the face, and all was made right with the world. P.S. I ordered that shirt from here.
So I got all cute and nice smelling and then I realized that I was late for Special Needs Institute. Fetch. So I run out to catch the shuttle and guess who got off right before I got on... the cute boy. And then instead of calling out his name and waving like a normal cute girl on Valentine's Day, I just got on the bus. And wistfully watched him walk away as we pulled out. Fate was right in my hands...and I choked. Still kicking myself over that one.
So yeah, didn't have date this Valentine's Day. Went out to dinner with my other roommate and two of her friends. Came back to O4. And this is what I'm doing on my Valentine's night while E is with a boy, J is talking to her fiance' and S is out with her boyfriend.
Good thing my parents still love me.


P.S. I totally know that this is just a pity party post. If you don't like it...then have a pity party about it. Or just join mine.


Ashley Michelle said...

I'll join you. :) haha. I had a few of those today too :) Mainly because my roommate went on TWO dates, and got TWO sets of flowers, and one of the other ones got flowers too. Love...I'm not a fan at the moment :) Except to say I LOVE YOU!

Hollie Hanson said...

You are hilarious! Of course it gets better !:) until you are into married life and hubby works 2 full time jobs and Vday turns into just another day :) lol
I hate those kick yourself moments. So, umm, cute boy....have you introduced yourself to him yet? If not I think you should.
And that eyeshadow is one of my favs!!
Happy belated Valentines! Damon would give you a big sloppy kiss :)
Love ya!