Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crying Thighs...

It's true. My thighs are crying. It's a common occurrence the nights after I have my kickboxing class. Today is no exception. I even almost ralphed in class.
Ralph [ralf] v-To vomit.
(Thought that I'd add that little definition in there since when I said that to the girl next to me she just looked at me.) Really though, try jumping in place, kicking, jumping and jabbing, doing 50 jumping jacks, shuffle squats, moving push-ups and wheelbarrow races all for fifty minutes, and then tell me how great your feeling. Awesome.
Oh and then I went for a jog in the snow after that.
Wisest decision? Probably not. But I'm pretty positive I gained about 8 eight pounds last week. Plus it didn't help that this weekend I ate so many Swedish Fish, M&M's cookies, cinnamon bears, and peanut butter M&m's that I should have ralphed.
Okay, okay, enough with the ralphing.
Really though, this week I'm going to be a good girl with the sweets and such.

Nothing here makes sense.
It keeps snowing and I really really dislike it.
I submit yet again that dating is lame. Or rather the lack thereof. But who's worrying about it?
I hate midterms.
I love my extra insoles in my running shoes.
I drank a whole lot of milk today.
I feel bad that you just read all of this.


_kArLy[*] said...

maybe i should hook you up with my brother...?? he's up at utah state.....:) his name is glen bennion, look him up! hahah

Chels said...

Dang at least your working out. Im just a sluggish little bum. Hope it feels better though haha. ps i love your blog