Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Apartment Manager Saw Me In My Bathrobe...

One of my apartment managers saw me in my bathrobe yesterday.
My male and married apartment manager.
I'd gotten home from kickboxing and decided to go for a short run near my apartment. I got back and since I was showered in sweat, I decided to shower for reals. After my gloriously hot shower, I wrapped my hair in my towel, turban style, put on my robe and proceeded to do my makeup. Then came a cheerful knock on my door saying, "Hey we're here to show your apartment!"
Oh my heck.
There were dishes in the sink. The garbages were all piling up. Our room was a mess. Messy enough that when E and I left it that morning, we both said, "Gee, hope they don't show our apartment today..." Its a good thing that I had thrown all my clothes in my bed earlier (I put them in my bed so I'm forced to take care of them before I go to sleep).
So...I let them come in.
What was I supposed to do?! They were just outside my door waiting and I had NO time to pull on some clothes. Let's talk about awkward conversation about the closet space and bathroom size when I'm in my robe with wet hair. The turban did not stick around for our visitors. That poor mother and daughter. My poor apartment manager. Poor me.
Why do these things happen to me?!

The people next to me right now are talking about cow placentas. You read that right, cow placentas. Help me please.


Chels said...

Bahaha Im sorry maybe thats not that funny but it is just a little. Im sure they loved your cute robe haha. Couldve been worse you couldve been wrapped in a towel. Bless the robe and all its coverings haha.

gross cow placentas? Weird weird weird.

Taylor said...

You are so cute Randi. But seriously, that's an awesome story. :)

Hollie Hanson said...

LOL! I'm not laughing I swear!!!!!