Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Job In Pictures...What The?! Miss Idaho?

As I have mentioned before, I work as a personal assistant. I run errands, research things, type up documents, call people, pick up the mail and things like that. It's a pretty great job for an 18 year old looking for some money so she can eat in college and I really really like it. But I do get bored sometimes when I've run out of things to do. I turn to Facebook, blogging, emails, online wish list shopping, and reading. (As you can tell I've started to blog...a lot. And if we're Facebook friends then you can also tell that I'm online...all the time.)
Today I decided that I would post a few pictures depicting my usual day on the job. Usually I get a few people in a week who will open my door and ask "What office is this? What do you do here?" and I'll reply. I smile and introduce myself and this first picture depicts the friendly smile I give to curious passerby's. I guarantee I get about three or four people a week who come in. I can't wait for the day we get a sign on the door...
Second shot. Welcome to my humble abode. This is where I spend eight and half hours of my day. At my beautiful desk, I type on the laptop and I get to answer my cool office phone. I feel pretty offical sometimes. Even though no one rarely calls for me, I have my own personal extension! Quivering with longing? I knew you would be. Moving on. This little fellow was the sole decoration in the front office when I began my job. Look at it for a second...handsome little guy isn't he? He is a handy tape holder and if you lift him up, paperclips are stuck to his bottom! Imagine that? The genius of it all! Aren't you dying of jealousy because I get to have such a natural art piece on my desk? It's okay, calm those green eyes of yours. I'm sure that he has brothers that are not hard to find. (The rest of the office doesn't have such high end decor' as this. My contribution was some potted plants, a mirror, a decorative clock, and I even got a couch for the back room. But nothing as magnificent as this.)
Next photo: pointing at the thin wall. In this office building that I work at, the walls are pretty thin. And when I say thin, I mean thin enough to hear other people's conversations. Which can get pretty intresting if you know what I mean. Some things you just don't want to know you can hear through thin walls. Case in point: I work next to a recruiting office of a branch of the armed services. There are a lot of different recruiting offices in my building but we're just going to talk about my neighboring one today. They are loud young fellows. And when I say loud, I mean loud. Loud enough to hear what they ate for breakfast. Loud enough to hear what happened on their dates their other night. Loud enough to hear what they really think of some people. L-O-U-D. Volume control all the way up. I can hear them laughing and I know exactly what they're laughing about. (You don't want to know. And I know that you don't want to know because I didn't want to know. And now I know.) Oh the things people say behind closed doors. You can only imagine haha. Dirty, swearing mouths. Scandalous gossip. Eye-opening reveals. Not all of it is bad though. Sometimes its pretty darn funny and I can't help but giggle a little bit on my side of the thin wall (Giggling is quieter than their rambunctious laughter). And some pretty funny stuff has happened with the fellows next door. There's one that will bring me a can of Diet Pepsi sometimes. Let us call him Navy Guy. We make faces at each other when one of us walks by. He's very friendly.
Other funny stuff happens to me when I'm out running errands too. The other day I was at Harbor Freight Tools picking something up for my boss. I was at the checkout line and the cashier was asking me what this was for. "Oh," I replied, "it's for my boss, I'm a personal assistant so I just go pick up whatever he needs me to." He replied, "What girl?! We 're not in New York City!". The conversation furthered. "Are you Miss Idaho?" he asked me. "Um, no I am not." I replied. He continued, "Ohhh well you look like it..well do you ride in the rodeo? Like do show horses are anything? Cause you look like you do!" Um...what? No one has ever asked me if I was Miss Idaho. No one has ever said that I look like Miss Idaho. I mean, look at her? I look nothing like Miss Idaho. She's probably like 5'8" and weighs 110 lbs. Which I am neither. And why would Miss Idaho be hanging out in Harbor Freight Tools? Thankfully, I was rescued by the opportunity to leave and this conversation was left behind me at the store. When I came back, I told my boss and he told me I should have told the cashier "Why yes, yes I am!" and then tried to have gotten a discount. Hmm..never thought of that. Next time I'll be sure to do so. Are you jealous of my job yet? Not everyone gets to have a beautiful piece of art on their desk or gets to listen to other people's business. Miss Idaho doppleganger out.



Cristine Garrison said... do look like a pageant girl. you just have the LOOK. dont be hatin, be celebratin. Thats a great compliment.

Randi Lynn said...

Oh I'm not hatin' it was just really funny.

Amber and Che said...

Hahahahah!!! All this time my neighbor was MIss Idaho!! Wow I feel famous now! By the way I think I drooled a little when I saw the pic of the diet pepsi...yum