Monday, July 19, 2010

I Have Learned My Lesson...

My leg is gross. Plain and simple. Would you like few adjectives to describe it? Sore. Red. Angry-looking. Hurts. Nasty. Hideous. Grody. Tender. Sweet looking (not sweet as in taste but sweet as in I-look-mildy-tough sweet). I climbed into the shower on Saturday, turned on the water, and then yelled, "FETCH!". Hot water and that didn't mix very well.. So I haven't shaved my legs for a couple days (you wanted to know that) because I have no desire to try to shave around it. I wrapped it up yesterday and a little boy in my dad's primary class asked me if I broke my leg. I have now learned my lesson. I won't pick fashion over comfort next time. Never again will I rollerblade with short socks on. Because now I'm paying for it. But I bet it might turn out to be a cool looking scar.