Thursday, July 1, 2010

Are You Kiddin' Me?!

So there was this cartoon Alex and I used to watch a couple of years ago and they turned it into a movie! Of course we HAD to go and Alex had never been to a movie premire so it was a double bonus. So we went to the midnight premire of Avatar: The Last Airbender last night. Sorely disppointed. First off, they pronouced the kid's name totally wrong! (I feel geeky being peeved about this, but the truth must be told!). The main characters name is Ang. They pronounced it Ah-ng. No Ah! Just A! Same thing with avatar. A-vatar. Not Ah-vatar. Geez people, watch the cartoon! The movie would have been better if the characters never opened their mouths. Seriously, as soon as they started to speak the movie died a little more and I began to wonder why I wasn't home in my bed. The effects and the bending and combat scences were pretty cool but as soon as someone opened their mouth to deliver a dramatic line...kerplop. One cool scene destroyed by fake tears. Alex and I got in the car afterwards and I turned to look at him and said, "I stayed up till two o' clock for THIS?! M. Night Shaymalan, once again you make yet another movie that looks awesome and then you kill it". There were some highlights of the night however. Saw people who actually dressed up as characters? Check. Laughing at the people who booed the movie in our theater? Roger. Laughing at the "romantic" parts? Affirmative. Scoring decent seats? Totally. Introducing Alex to Werther Caramels? Can do. Laughing at the drunk guy in front of us being pulled over? Heck yeah. Spending time with Cheeko? Priceless.