Friday, July 16, 2010

First Date Dilemmas

I have a date tonight. A real live, not just-hanging-out, non-dance date. Here's the thing about me: I don't go on dates often. Dating is not just a commonplace thing in my teenage society any more. More often that not, I hear boys complaining about taking a girl out on a date and how it would be much easier and cheaper if they just hung out because not only would they still get to see the girl, but they wouldn't have to pay for anything. Yes, there are boys out there that still take girls out on dates but dating in high school seems to becoming a thing of the past. Ridiculous. Anyways, back to business. I have a date. And I'm a little nervous about that date. Because its a date with someone new. Not someone that's known me since middle school and is used to my peculiarities. It's new territory. First dates with people are usually either a little awkward, totally awful, or they turn out pretty good. At least, that's what I've found in my experience. The boy that I'm going out with tonight seems really nice and I am excited. I mean, he's driving from Rexburg to come pick me up! But I'm also freaking out a little bit. It's all the pre-preparation date stuff that gets me nervous. Like getting ready. Boys must have it so easy. The last time I saw this kid, I had no makeup on, my hair wasn't done, and I was wearing a scout uniform which includes very baggy pants. So that led to a bit of a dilemma as to wardrobe and hair (I hope I'm not the only who cares this much about this type of things but if I am, feel free to laugh at my ridiculous nature). I wanted to look pretty-but-not-trying-hard-because-if-I-glam-up-too-much-you'll-never-recognize-me-because-I-looked-like-a-dirty-twelve-year-old-before (long feeling but it described it perfectly). So I curled my hair and threw some stuff on my face. Then came clothes..oh the choices. Jeans? Shorts? Jacket? I finally picked an outfit but then I looked in The Mirror...dun dun dun duuuuuun. The Mirror is the evil nemesis for getting ready. It tells you that you need to change your outfit and then you're doomed to changing your clothes 123,2939835750000 times. It's true. Today it told me that the pants I was wearing made my behind look well-endowed (in other words, my gluteus maximus was a little too much maximus today). But I was going to be late for work so I chanted "You look fine, you look fine, you look fine" again and again in my head and resisted the ways of The Mirror. So here I am at work, worrying about my pants and my date. My thought process is bouncing back and forth. "Should I change my pants before tonight? I hope he doesn't think I'm a goober. Hopefully, my natural clumsiness will subside just for tonight. What other pants would I wear? Why are you freaking out, it's just a date, you're not going to the courthouse. I have those brown pants I could wear. You're insane." It's a tad pathetic. So cross your fingers for me tonight about my date. Let's hope I don't make a goof out of myself and that The Mirror doesn't get the best of me and my pants. We'll see how it goes. Has anyone else ever felt this way? Please say I'm not the only one! Lie to me if you have to!



*Miss ChRiStInA* said...

I'm sure you look great, but who cares what you look like so long as you guys have fun, right? :) Good luck!

p.s- when you said a "tad pathetic"...i thought of Tad hahah.

Hollie Hanson said...

lol! you are hilarious. First off, EVERY girl goes through that. Especially on those first dates. I was especially that way on my blind date with James (another story for another day). I bet you looked awesome! Secondly- the fact that he only saw you looking like a 12 year old with baggy pants, well that says a lot of his character! So no matter what I am sure you knocked his socks off. Can't wait to read the blog about your date ;)

Randi Lynn said...

Thanks Christina. We did have fun. Hahah oh Tad..

Randi Lynn said...

Haha I only try to make my life experiences funny for other people (: It was a good date though.