Monday, July 19, 2010

My Plan...

I had a very beautiful experience yesterday. I was able to recieve my patriarchal blessing. I've had a recommend since last year but it was this year that I actually made the time to get it. All I can say, is that I'm glad that I waited. I'm sure that it could have helped me earlier but I know that some things wouldn't have made sense or made the same impact if I had not waited till this year. Many people asked me, seeming surprised, "You haven't gotten it yet?". I waited till I was sure about my testimony. Till I wasn't depending on other's faith and I was depending on my own. And I knew that it was the right time because I cried all my make-up off almost as soon as I started talking to my stake patriarch. All I can say is that I know that my Heavenly Father loves me. That He knows me, Randi. That He has a plan in store just for me.

"A patriarchal blessing is a very unique and remarkable privilege that can come to the faithful members of the Church having sufficient maturity to understand the nature and the importance of such blessings. These privileged blessings are a powerful witness of the mission of the Lord Jesus Christ in bringing exaltation to each of us...Patriarchal blessings should be read humbly and prayerfully and frequently. A patriarchal blessing is very personal but may be shared with family members. A patriarchal blessing is a sacred guideline of counsel, promises, and information from the Lord."-James E. Faust

"A blessing you can qualify to receive is your patriarchal blessing. Your parents and your bishop will know when the time is right for you to receive it. A patriarchal blessing contains chapters from your life’s book of possibilities. To you it will be as a lighthouse on a hill, warning of dangers, and directing you to the tranquility of safe harbors. It is a prophetic utterance from the lips of one called and ordained to provide you such a blessing."- Thomas S. Monson

“Patriarchal blessings contemplate an inspired declaration of the lineage of the recipient. A patriarchal blessing also includes an inspired and prophetic statement of the life possibilities and mission of the recipient. It may include such blessings, promises, advice, admonitions, and warnings as the patriarch may be prompted to give. It should always be made clear that the realization of all promised blessings is conditioned upon faithfulness and the Lord’s will.... testify to you that these blessings are inspired and are personal revelations to the recipient. Patriarchal blessings are a guideline or similar to a road map that indicates the paths that may be traveled and destinations that may be reached if we stay within those paths. They may bring comfort and joy and encouragement when we have need to look, to listen, and to feel of the contents of these blessings so that we may go forward on life’s journey, not alone, but with the accompanying Spirit of our Father in Heaven.”-Richard D. Allred



bb,tonya and cam... said...

congrats! now is a great time to get it! billy and i both got ours our freshman year of college...and although i can't speak for him...i am glad i got it when i did...i needed to hear my heavenly father right then...and it was at a time when the decisions that i was making were shaping who i would become...just like you. congrats on an amazing experience! treasure it and read it often...especially when you don't want to.

Serenity Rae said...

I got mine on the 4th of this month! It was a great experience! (: It's cool to hear I wasn't the only one who waited forever to get theirs. Haha!