Tuesday, July 13, 2010

When I See These Pictures...

My dad sends me emails. Lots of emails, containing jokes (blonde jokes, political jokes, any kind of joke), stories, cartoons, and photographs. Periodically, I like to go through my emails to go back and look at some of the things he's sent me. My favorite ones are usually the photographs. Why? Because the best ones either make me laugh or remind me of things. Photographs are meant to provoke memories or emotions. Often, they surprise us. Take the turtle for example. Who would expect a turtle to make a face like this (except for the ones off Finding Nemo)? Do you think the photographer was snickering into his scuba mask when he took this picture? I for sure would be. Things like this make me laugh. Of course, I laugh easily but wouldn't this just brighten your day? On to the next. This picture reminds me of my little brother. Why? Because he likes to lean on me this exact same way. Sometimes I don't mind it. But sometimes it drives me crazy. I don't know why but sometimes I just have no patience for it (it's a dumb thing to not have patience for, I know). I lean away just like this other giraffe does.
My first thought seeing this picture? Who in the heck made a sweater for this tree? This tree is wearing a sweater (that's the best description I have for this). Honestly, I have no idea what this is. I have no idea why its on a tree. Maybe the tree was cold? Your guess is as good as mine. I think that the colors are pretty cool. But still..whoever made this had alot of time of their hands. A lot a lot a lot of time. And patience. Next, the ocean. Oh how I love you and fear you at the same time. This picture reminds me of vacations to Maui and playing in the water. And the times when the ocean kicked my butt. When did it kick my butt? Like the time I was boogie boarding and I didn't get up quick enough so it dragged me under and I came up clutching my swimsuit top and covered in so much sand that I looked like a crumb covered doughnut. Or the time a HUGE wave hit my brothers and my dad out in the ocean and my mom and I could see them rolling around in the wave? Out came more crumb covered doughnuts. Or the time my dad and I were out snorkling and I was out in the water putting on my gear and my dad yelled my name and I turned around to a huge wave that I narrowly escaped because I dove underneath it. Good times. This next picture just makes me laugh. It just says to me, "Behold, the mighty Praying Mantis! Fear me!" (I'm bizarre, I know). It also makes me think of my special needs seminary partner, Brandon. Brandon was one of the best kids in that class. Brandon has braces on his legs and when he walks, he walks like a praying mantis. It is one of the cutest and most hearwarming things I have ever seen. Your heart would melt just watching him.
This picture makes me think of a leap of faith. Flying towards the unknown and just praying that you make that branch and that you can hold on to it. Leaving one thing behind in order to make it further. To me, it shows that leaving the old takes a lot of courage and strength to jump off that branch but that journey between two branches can be terrifying, crazy, exhilarating, and totally worth it.
Love. True blue moose love. Once upon a time, there were two moose who fell madly in love... Seriously, these photographers deserve some major props because who expects to find these sort of pictures? Not me. I can just hear a conversation going on. "Traffic on the left side of the forest is terrible! Don't be late for dinner tonight, I made grass. And remember, don't get caught by any of those hunters. Oh by the way, don't bother Bob about his antlers. You know how he gets sensitive." Love makes the world go around. Yes, even moose love.
Last picture. Hello, who is there? Eavesdropping statue. Totally chance. Just plain funny. It's as simple as that.


Photographs courtesy of Best National Geographics Pictures email