Saturday, July 17, 2010

Date Follow-Up...

I went on that date last night...and it was great. I had a really really good time even though I embarrassed myself pretty good a couple of times. I came home from work and I was of course, still a little nervous. If you read the earlier post about my battle with The Mirror then I'll let you know that it won. I changed my pants (life changing stuff right there..not). Yes, The Mirror got the best of me. So after I was all presentable, I had time. And I hate downtime before dates. Because that just leads for me to think of the "if's". To remedy that, I texted one of my best friends. "Okay. Agh! I'm nervous!" She, of course, like any good friend reassured me and did not tell me how crazy I actually was. 5:50 P.M. Ten I sat and talked with my parents and pleaded with my father to not make embarrassing comments. Then my date showed up. And the night was great. We went to the Green Belt and roller-bladed around which was fun but eventful. This comic depicts how I feel about rollerblading most of the time haha. My natural clumsiness came out (of course) and I fell twice right off the bat. I tried not to get embarrassed and laugh it off but inside I was so embarrassed haha. I have no grace and especially not on wheels that don't have breaks. Halfway around the river I could feel my skate rubbing on my ankle but I didn't think it was rubbing too bad. We came back to our shoes that we had stuffed in a tree and I took off my skate to find that it had rubbed my ankle pretty raw. No biggie though. We laughed a lot and I just laughed it off again because I didn't want to get all blushingly embarrassed. Then we went to dinner at Chili's which was good. We just talked some more and laughed a lot. We joked around a lot and he was trying to get me to laugh my outrageously loud laugh. We went slacklining at Freeman Park which as I teased him, slacklining is a 'granola' thing to do. It's basically tying a tow rope between two trees and walking on it. Again, no natural balance. We did it, even with my clumsy nature and had a great time. After we slacklined for a while, we just sat and talked and it was really nice. He's a really nice kid and I laughed alot even though he didn't get my obnoxiously loud laugh out of me. I had a great time with him (even though my behind is a little sore) and I'm glad that it went so well. We'll see if there's a second date (: