Monday, July 26, 2010

Shallow Is, As Shallow Does...

We all have a little bit of shallowness in ourselves. I think that women are a more susceptible to it then men are, but we all have it. For me, it's superficial wants. I want things. I don't need them but I want them. It's usually a spur of the moment I've-gotta-have-it-moment that doesn't make sense but all that matters is that I want it. Pretty ridiculous and my wallet usually suffers. I'm getting better at curbing my frivolous appetites and actually going through the "Do I actually really really need this?" thought process instead of the "Doesn't matter. You want it, you need it, buy it now!!". But there are somethings that get me. They usually are at Target because we all know how much I love Target. Like the white watch I bought this weekend. I'd been looking at it for a while but one day I came buy to browse at it again and it was GONE! I was supremely upset. They had it in black, but no white. And I wanted that white. So every trip back to Target, I'd go and check to see if it was there. There were many trips to the store and online and I began to get discouraged. But hallelujah! This weekend it was there and of course, I snapped it up like a dingo snaps up a baby animal in the wild (great analogy I know). But there are still things that I want, not need. Here are a few:
1. Red lipstick. I've been dying (as of this weekend) to buy some red lipstick. I don't ever wear lipstick but I want some red lipstick. I even looked at some today at Target.
2. New clothes. I know that every woman wants new clothes but every time I have an event or a party or a date, I always want a new outfit. And trust me, I have plenty of clothes but I always want more! Typical woman. Take jeans for example. I am unable to resist buying jeans. I have many pairs but I always want a new pair. I really am unable to stop myself from purchasing jeans. Like purses. Don't get me started on purses.
3. Rain boots. I want a pair of rain boots so badly. But I've done so well on this craving! There has been a pair of rain boots at Target for months. Think they'd be on sale by now? Wrong, still the same $24.99. And I'm not paying that. Because they're cheaper online. But I'll try to resist that too.
4. The black watch. Remember my white watch mentioned above? Now I want the black one. Ridiculous.
5. The Le Coeur dress at Shabby Apple. Go to their website right now and look at it. I don't need another dress, really. But I want it...desperately.
We'll see how well I do on curbing my shallow cravings. Because I am only one click away from getting that Shabby Apple dress. One click away is all!


Update: I bought some red lipgloss yesterday...and a new pair of jeans.


Amber and Che said...

Well I definitely understand what you are going through. I have the SAME problem. I also took the liberty of looking at your amazing dress. Yes you are right, it's a must have. I thinkm out of all the things you want, you NEED this dress ha ha. I LOVE IT!

Randi Lynn said...

I know! I love it haha! I even bought shoes that would match it..even though I don't own the dress...