Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Get Your Ugly On...

O4: All Because Five People Fell In Love

So...last week was the O4 Ugly Sweater/Bring Your Own Mug Christmas party. It was a blast. There was a multitude of funny mugs, ugly sweaters, great people, and lots and lots of cookies and hot chocolate. We even played the Blanket Game! What is the Blanket Game? It is possibly one of the silliest, stupidest and most fun games ever invented! All you need is a whole bunch of blankets, one chair, and people. You split up into two teams (we did boys vs. girls). One team goes off into another room while the remaining team puts players under the blanket and are allowed to use one chair as a prop. The other team will come back into the room when summoned and they have to guess how many people are under the blanket. It gets insanely fun, sometimes hot, and very competitive. Sounds ridiculous, but trust me on how fun it is.
We had a great time with our neighbors and it just made me appreciate how much I love my roommates that much more. We have such a fun time with each other and we all get along so well. It also made me appreciate where I live. My apartment neighbors and my ward are just so great. I can't believe how well things have worked out here and I'm so glad that I live where I live. I hear some people talk about how much they hate their roommates, or how they never get along, or the people who live in places where there's only four apartments in a building and I just can't imagine myself living anywhere else. We have so many hilarious, nice, crazy, sweet, thoughtful, fun people all around us and it's like having a whole ward of siblings and friends. I really don't believe people when they say that if you don't live on campus, you miss out on a lot. Because come on, does it look like we're missing out on anything?

The group pictures were taken from inside our microwave...we're so inventive.

This picture pretty much describes everything you need to know about our apartment...

I'm Randi, I live in O4, and I'm rockin' it.



Chels said...

well sheesh im kinda falling behind on the reading of your blog haha. Looks like you guys had a blast! Very cool:]