Monday, December 20, 2010

I Didn't Get December...

I didn't get a month of December. Or at least that's what it feels like. I feel like I just spent so much time worrying, cleaning, freaking out, and studying for finals. I can't believe that Christmas is on SATURDAY. Good thing I've had my Christmas presents bought and wrapped since the first week of December. It's so crazy to think of how things are changing. So many people from our graduating class are engaged or married. I went to my first friend bridal shower last week and it was strange to realize that I'm old enough to get married. Mature enough no, but old enough yes. I can't believe that I'm halfway done with my freshmen year of college. When I was in high school, college was just that thing that sat in my future. I was going to college, no questions asked. But a part of me thought that maybe college was too hard for me. That I would go for a year and be done but now I'm starting my second semester and it's been hard but manageable. It'll probably be better next semester if I study in the library more instead of "studying at home" which consists of laying on the floor with my books open, talking to my roommates. Not quite productive. I really have no idea why I wrote this post. It bounces from one subject to another without anything really important being mentioned. Whatever.

Christmas Memories: There was one time back when I was probably around six or seven and we still lived in our house in Rexburg. I'd just woken up on Christmas morning and I'd crawled down the hall to our living room. I just sat behind the couch for the longest time, not even peeking at the presents or the tree. Then I heard a sound, and to this day I'm not even sure what it was, but I flew back to my bed faster than the speed of light. Not even kidding. I'm not sure why I ran, because it's not like I was unwrapping presents or anything, but I just jumped back into my bed, heart pounding, and I waited till everyone else got up.

I'm Randi and I feel like Scrooge.


Chels said...

Wow I wish I had my christmas presents ready to go haha theres a week left and I sometimes feel like i have a week left of shopping to do ugh. Hahaha, I like your Christmas memories idea very cute.