Monday, September 27, 2010

What I've Been Up To and Randi's Five Secrets About College...

Hey, hey, hey. Sorry about that last post. Honestly, it was a little bit of a hormonal, emotional night but no worries, I've got a handle on it now. Sometimes it just slips out a little bit. So what have I been up to? Just living the college life. Just some True Aggie night you know?

Did I attend? That would be a no. Do I want to attend? Again, negative. What did I do instead?

That's right, I watched New In Town on Netflix instead. Seemed like a better solution to me. And yes, I am wearing skinny jeans in that picture. Me, the self proclaimed skinny jeans hater wore them. I have many theories about skinny jeans but I still got a pair. The jury is still out on that vote.
What else have I been up to besides wearing skinny jeans and avoiding kisses from random boys? Just living life at O4. Our apartment is the best. No joke. We as roommates are pretty hilarious. I've been on a decorating kick as well.

Went to the DI, found some frames for two dollars, went and bought spray paint the next Wal-Mart trip (there is no Target in Logan. It's killin' me. Complete and total blasphemy) found some pictures off the internet and there we have it. Something at the top of our stairs. On to my five secrets about me and college. I'm sure that there will be more coming along but here's just a few so far:
1. I've turned into a neat freak. Yes, my half of the room usually has clothes everywhere but besides that point, I've turned into my mother and grandmother. I have to wipe things down every few days or I get this itchy feeling.
2. Today I went to class looking like a bag lady. I got up this morning and pulled on some sweats, put the hair in a headband, and went to pilates. I got back and was waffling between the choice of getting ready or studying for two straight hours. I hit the books and it got me nowhere today on my test. Fetch. I didn't shower till about two o' clock.
3. I've turned lazy and ride the shuttle mostly these days. I've got to quit it or the freshmen fifteen and I are going to become close friends. And that's just one friendship I'm not willing to start. But...if I see a cute boy get on the shuttle that I could be taking..I'll take it.
4. I smell my milk everyday to see if it's still good. The experience where I poured a glass of milk, took a nice big drink, realized that my milk tasted like Sprite and that it wasn't normal, thus leading me to spit it out in the sink has me paranoid.
5. I'm ready for cooler weather. Snow, no. Cooler, yes. Cool enough to wear pants and jackets but not cold enough that the Chacos get packed away. I'm dreading the day the Chacos get packed away.
So..that's it for now. Let's see if I can get all these emotions under control so I can study for my Creative Arts test.



Hollie Hanson said...

You said FETCH!!! ha ha haaa! I am not alone! bwahahahaa.
Sounds like a fun college life so far. Sorry about the boy trouble. It'll all work out how it's supposed to.
Now, I am working on finding time to come see you!!! With the babies of course. Maybe go get some aggie ice cream :D TO help with that freshman 15. lol

Chels said...

Yuck sour milk! I so wish I could be experiancing college like you are. You might be having a hard time with it now but soon enough youll be lovin it. TOtally take the shuttle if cute boys get on! Thats my number one advice, go for it sista! I want you to bring home a boy soon to meet with the little pinks haha (ps we have to approve first hahah jk jk)