Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Boys and Girls...

Boys and girls. We're from two different plants. Especially teenage boys and girls, because neither of us ever know what the other is thinking. It would much better sometimes if we did because things would be a heck of a lot simpler. Hey, I'll be the first to admit it, we girls are complicated. Completely. But...boys aren't very simple either. There are some things I don't think boys will ever really get about girls though...
Boys may not realize how much time girls spend time thinking about them. How much time we spend analyzing every single move they make, every word they say, and how much we really care sometimes.
Boys probably realize how irrational girls are sometimes. We're irrational, but it makes sense to us. That what we say and what we mean can be two different things. How much we want things to work out even when we know they probably won't. Because face it girls, all of us have a romantic deep inside.
Boys many never know how much we care what they think. That we take so long to get ready because we want to look nice for them.
Boys may never know how girls hurt inside sometimes. That we hope and hope and hope..and when it doesn't work out, it kills us inside for a while.
Boys may never realize that while they move on quickly, we may take a little longer hanging on. That we look at our phones about 20,000 different times a night, hoping for some sign that he's still there.
Boys never realize that there's so many songs out there that girls will relate to them.
Boys may never realize how scared girls are to tell them what we feel, because admitting sentimentality is hard.
"I miss you, I care about you, I want to be with you even just for a day, because you matter to me."
Boys will never know how many tears are cried over them. How many nights are spent crying into a pillow, how many tissues are used in conversations with moms and best friends, and how many showers turn into opportunities to cry without anyone noticing. We girls are an emotional sort.
Boys may never realize that a girl may hold a place in her heart for them for a while. Because its hard to say goodbye to something you wanted.
I could go on...because this is a lot better than doing homework right now and I'm an emotional teenage girl. I couldn't focus if I tried. Because, I'm just thinking of everything I'd finally say if I saw someone. So with words like that running around your head, its hard to sit down and worry about equations and human development, you know?


I'm Randi and trying to stop caring about someone else is hard.