Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Got Boredom? Blog!

Here I am just hanging out at work feeling..unproductive. I work as a assistant so when I finish my tasks for the day and there's nothing else to do what do I turn to? Bloggin! I wish that I had funny stories about children and such but you're stuck with Randi Hanson, the eighteen year old high school graduate. Status: Single, childless, and apparently lifeless because she blogs at work. Eh, oh well because if you're reading this than apparently you couldn't peel your eyes away from the life of one such character. Of course, it's probably a good thing that I'm not blogging about having children because if one will notice the status mentioned above, it may not be proper. Ahem, single and eighteen. Anyways, back to the blog. Well, today has been fairly uneventful. Prayed that I would make it to work this morning because my "check gauges" light was on (I was close to no gas but thankfully I made it to the gas station an hour later). I ran errands with my gloriously full gas tank (My life is facsinating isn't it?). Ah, the life of a working girl haha. Memorial weekend was uneventful for the most part, I spent it with my familia'. We went and saw "Prince of Persia". I'll admit it, I enjoyed Jake Gyllenhal's rippling muscules (: We went and did graves and even drove out to Mackay to visit Grandma's grave. I'm am completely convinced that the hymn that mentions "And we hear the desert singing, carry on, carry on, carry on!" was written for Arco and Mackay. That place would require some singing. But I will also admit that I think the cemetary in Mackay is beautiful. If cemetaries are allowed to be beautiful of course. I wish that I could leave you with some feeling of having accomplished a great task by reading this but sadly, I cannot. Thank you for wasting some time on my blog. Feel free to drop by again (: