Monday, June 28, 2010

Family Week: Mom

Family week has turned into Family Month since I can never get any of these posts done in a consecutive week. Oh well, it is what it is. Now its time to move on to Mom. A couple weeks ago my mom asked me why I hadn't posted about her yet. I told her that I was waiting till after I came back from Cedar Badge because then I would write all this mushy gushy stuff because I'd been gone for a week and I missed her (: Writing mushy gushy stuff about my mom is easy because she's my mom. She's the cleaner, cook, referee, taxi driver, miracle worker, nurse, psychologist, gardener, and everything else that goes into making a house a home. My mom does it all and makes it all look so good. Everyone loves my mom. She's funny, pretty, nice, and she makes everyone feel loved. All of my friends love to come over to my house because half of them come just to talk to my mom and the other half love it because my mom makes our house so much fun. Even some of my friends refer to her as Momma Hanson. Mom is silly just like Dad. That's why they get along so well. I want a marriage like my parents someday. My mom is my best friend. Being the only daughter not only has its advantages of being a Daddy's Girl. My mom and I like to go shopping and go out to lunch. We talk about friends and boys. I tell my mom pretty much everything. She likes to come in and flop on my bed so we can chat and I like to go sit in her empty jacuzzi tub when she's getting ready and talk to her. We like to paint each other's toenails and we like to watch our shows. (We love the Real Housewives, The Hills, The City, Project Runway, and just about any show that the men in our house don't like.) I like to come home and just lay on the couch with my mom and let her brush my hair and sometimes I fall asleep in her lap. When there's only two women in the house, we have to stick together.
I love my mom but not everything is always sunshine and roses. We butt heads and I get too stubborn for my own good sometimes. We're alike and that can be a problem sometimes. We're both fiesty and independent. My mom has raised me to be a strong woman and sometimes we don't see eye to eye. No matter what, my mom and I's relationship still hasn't changed. We haven't found an issue that we can't overcome yet and I doubt that we ever will. Even when we may not understand the other person, we still make up and go back to how we were with some lessons learned. My mom and I get homesick for each other and when I'm gone for a long time, we miss each other. I don't know how college is going to be but when I move out I know that my mom and I will be texting each other back and forth and will talk on the phone every week. I know that she'll be reminding me to eat good and not let strange boys into the apartment. I know that when I come home for visits we'll go out and buy things and spend time and talk about boys and friends. We'll go out to lunch and things will slide back into place as if I'd never left. And I know that when I come home I'll have my mom's lap to lay my head back on and she'll play with my hair and I'll feel about five years old again and mom will be able to fix anything.



Hollie Hanson said...

awwwww. So cute! Your mom is the best! Makes me miss you guys even more :( sniff sniff.
I have always loved the relationship you 2 have together. Not everyone has that.
College will only make it stronger!