Thursday, June 10, 2010

Family Week: Cheeko

I haven't posted much about my family besides the fact that I have two awesome parents but this week its going to be Family Week. Besides my parents, our family consists of my older brother Kyle, me, and my younger brother Alex, affectionatly known as "Cheeko". Now the word chico means little boy in spanish but I like my spelling of C-h-e-e-k-o better. Today, I'm going to post about Cheeko a.k.a Alex. Alex and I are about three years apart so he's just getting ready to start high school whereas I just left. Watching him grow up has been harder than watching Kyle grow up because Alex has always just been a little boy to me. Now that he's getting older we've moved past sharing Hot Wheels cars and playing house (you didn't hear that from me) and now we've moved towards pushing each other's buttons. What?! Siblings fight and try to tick each other off?! That's unheard of! Oh yes, you better believe it.
Cheeko is teaching me about being the older sister. I remember Alex and I had gotten into a huge fight and we were in the making up stage and I remember telling him something that I realized in that moment. I told him that we needed to be more patient with each other because I had never been the older sister before. Now, you may think "Of course she's been the older sister before, she's older than he is, it's not like they've been the same age!" but I really have never been the older older sister before. Being an older sister when you're five years old and your younger brother is your pretend puppy is a lot different than being the older sister when you're eighteen and your younger brother has a good couple inches on you. Like I told him, I used to do things to Kyle that I knew would tick him off and he would do it back because he was older and I was younger. Now its come to the point where Alex and I do it because I'm older and he's younger and it's a little different than bothering your older brother. I know that I'm not a perfect sister and I know that I could be much nicer to him sometimes. I could grumble a little less about his messes and stop with the "Why not him?" but I'm doing the best I can sometimes and I think that's enough. We're not all the Brady Bunch and that's okay. What's the fun in eternal families if there's not a little excitement every now and then?
Cheeko is an affectionate little soul and he enjoys doing things with me that I have never done with Kyle. We like to sing and dance in the car together and we like to take pictures together. We wrestle (it's like WW Smackdown at our house sometimes) and sometimes he is my cat (that's a story for another time). He likes to give me piggybacks around the house and sometimes we secretly like to watch Disney Channel. We've been in this stage where we fight a lot and his new favorite come-back is "Well, I can't wait till you go to college!" but I know that he is going to miss me and that I am going to miss my Cheeko. I have a feeling that I may have a tag-along to USU football and basketball games and I'm more than okay with that because like that line from Finding Nemo (with a few alterations): "I shall call him Cheeko and he shall be mine and he shall be my Cheeko. Come on, Cheeko. Come on, little Cheeko."



Chels said...

Well I hope you guys have a strong relationship:] Lil bros can be annoying sometimes.

Hollie Hanson said...

Yay for comments!!! LOL
You are an awesome sister. I bet they wouldn't trade you for anything! I think Damon and Cherry will be a lit like you and Alex. It makes me laugh.