Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Family Week: Domo

On to the last member of my little family..Domo. Ahem..excuse me..what? A brown stuffed creature is a member of the family? This girl must have one odd family. What's next, the Easter Bunny? Okay we're not THAT odd but according to me, Domo is a member of my family. Domo is more than just a funny looking stuffed animal. Domo is a bond between a brother and a sister. Before Kyle left on his mission, Domo came into our lives. It was around Halloween and Target was carrying this funny little stuffed creature. Just about everytime we walked into the store and I saw the posters with this thing everywhere, I laughed my head off. (Yes, I enjoy laughing randomly at things in stores). Domo is a Japanese televison character that lives in a hole with a rabbit and is friends with other creatures. Before Kyle left on his mission, he presented me with Domo because he said he wanted to make me smile (awww). But there's two parts to the story of Domo. Domo is a world traveler. Have you ever seen any of the Travelocity traveling gnome commercials? Well the story behind the traveling gnome is that some friends took a gnome and took pictures with it around the world. Thus, Kyle and I began the idea that we would take pictures with Domo whenever we were somewhere intresting. Domo came along with us when we dropped Kyle off at the MTC. For Valentine's Day, my family sent Kyle a PINK Domo so Kyle can do the same. We've received some photos back and forth and we even got a video once! Kyle's mission companions are very good about Domo and I think a lot of them secretly like him. Look at that face? How can you resist his dashing good looks? Last summer Alex and I made sure that Domo had his own photoshoot in Maui, Hawaii. He hung out on the beach, napped on the deck, hid in the landscaping and made his prescence in other various places. He hung out in a whale skeleton's mouth (we were sneaky and conviently didn't see the Do Not Touch sign)and he ruled the jungle. Domo came with me to the State Capitol building in Boise when I was there for a school trip. He toured the remodel and enjoyed it thoroughly. (If you ever desire to get weird looks from people in the Capitol, take along Domo or any stuffed creature and set him along various locations..those representatives didn't know what was coming.) Even if the locations don't get documented, Domo is almost always along for the ride. Domo enjoyes popping up in random locations at home too. Once he sneakily found his way into the washing machine and when Mom opened the lid, his unsuspecting happy face was floating right on top. He came out smelling clean so maybe he just really wanted a bath. Domo still likes to pop up in suprising places. Somehow he finds his way into the bottom of my sheets (no idea) or he ends up under the bed (staying in one place for too long bothers him). Domo likes to suprise people just like when he suprised Mom by showing up in the washing machine. Domo may just end up in my suitcase when I leave for college and I'll have no idea how he ended up there. Sneaky little bugger. But look at that face? You can't resist that face..



Cristine Garrison said...

i want a Domo so bad. seriously.

Randi Lynn said...

Domo is cool.