Thursday, June 17, 2010

Family Week: Dad

Continuation of family week! So you've heard (or read) about me and my brothers right? Well, what would a family be without parents? I mean, they created us so I suppose that I should probably mention them. I'll start with Dad. My dad is a silly silly man and always has been. I'm fairly certain that a large percentage of my silliness is directly inheirited from him. Not only is my Daddy silly but he's a lot of other things. Dad is hardworking and quite funny. He's a softie sometimes but he can be Big Scary Dad when he needs to be; case in point, when my dates for dances come to pick me up, he gives them The Speech. The most common lines in The Speech is "Remember, whatever you do to her, I get to do to you." and "She looks pretty special doesn't she? Let's keep her that way because I'm not afraid to go back to prison." This year my commencement date was given the gift of a bullet with his name on it. No, I'm not making this stuff up.

Dad is a good provider and a good father. He takes the time to spend time with each of us, whether its taking someone out to lunch or making one of us go pick up takeout with him. His family is important to him and he takes care of us. My dad is strong. He holds the priesthood and I will always be thankful that he does. Because of this, my dad can give me blessings whenever I need them, whether I need comforting or I'm sick. Because of my dad being a righteous priesthood holder, I've been blessed over and over.
I've always been my daddy's girl. I mean, when there's only one daughter in the family there's not much competiton (: Just kidding, I didn't really mean that how it sounded. Anyways, my dad and I have always been close. From when I was a baby and would hide in his coat with him or hang onto his legs or when I was around five or six and we used to have our "Date Nights" and we'd go out to dinner and maybe a movie. I've been teasing my dad lately about me leaving for college and all the things I won't be around for anymore like sitting on his lap, "Dad, I won't be little forever so you have to let me sit on your lap while I can," or "Dad, one day I'll be gone and you won't be able to tuck me in anymore." (Yes, I still sit on my Dad's lap and hold his hand and yes, I do like to be tucked in at night. I don't care if I am eighteen). I know that when I blog about leaving for college I may make it sound like I'm forever leaving or dying or something final but many things will change when I leave for college. I won't be living at home any more and I can't call my Dad everytime I need help or whenever I'm having car problems. I won't be the same little girl. But the one thing that won't change is that as soon as I get home, Dad and I will go out to lunch and catch up and maybe, just maybe he'll tuck me in on my overnight visits to home.



Hollie Hanson said...

Awww, cute Uncle Paul! He is an awesome dad. You are one lucky girl!

Chels said...

This is so cute, I have a similar relationship with my papa. It rocks huh!?

Amber and Che said...

I love my dad too! Cute pics! I'm so glad by the way that I can comment on your cute blog!!!