Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Family Week: Kyle

Kyle is my older brother, who is now currently almost twenty-one. He'll be coming home from his mission in November and he's been serving in the Nashville, TN mission. The relationship that I have with Kyle is completely different from the relationship I have with Alex. Alex and I have more of a silly, goofy relationship while the one between Kyle and I is more about talking and bouncing ideas off of each other. Kyle is the one brother I always went to when I was having boy problems and when I was mad and needed someone to vent to. Kyle is very protective of me and it goes both ways. Whenever a boy made me cry, Kyle was always more than willing to go give him a talking to and was willing to get the fists out if it was needed (it never was). As I mentioned before, Kyle and I would do things to tick each other off. Repeatedly. We both know the best ways to get under the other's skin and we're good at it. I remember one instance where we were fighting (once again) and he told me to get out of the car. I smartly replied "You can't kick me out of the car because imagine what Mom will say when you come home without me. You'll just have to come back and pick me up anyways. Save yourself a trip." Oh yes, we're very good at bugging each other. But even though we're good at picking on each other, we have a lot of fun together. Kyle is the one who will go with me on The Scrambler and the fair when no one else will. Kyle will take me out on drives just so we can drive around. Kyle would bring me Jones sodas and treats when I was feeling sad. Kyle gave me Domo (story will continue later).

Kyle has the attitude of an older brother. The protective, all-knowing, Kyle-knows-best older brother. But its not always bad. Kyle knew what was best when we were building forts and we ended up with a great summer. Kyle knew what was best when I fell off my bike and needed a band-aid. Kyle knew best when I was sad and crying over a boy and he told me, "Randi, it may seem like he matters but he really doesn't. He doesn't matter." Kyle knew best when he was seven and I was four and he was showing me the best way to pretend paint your toenails (you didn't hear that from me). Now that Kyle has been gone for two years, it'll be intresting to see how our relationship has changed and grown. When Kyle left I was sixteen, a little lost, and liking yet another boy that wasn't good for me (I soon would find out, so don't worry your little hearts about me). I've gone to the majority of my school dances, had my senior year, cried over enough boys, changed friends, had new experiences and graduated without Kyle here. But I have a feeling that when he walks off that plane, a big spider monkey hug will take place and he'll slip into the Kyle-knows-best phase as soon as my next date will walk through the door (:



Hollie Hanson said...

Awww, that was a cute read :)

Chels said...

I agree with Hollie, I think it is so cool that you have such good relationships with your family. You go girl:]