Monday, October 25, 2010

Time To Withstand The Weather...

It's snowing in Logan. There is snow on the mountains. I'm a little less than enthused. I love fall. It's my most favorite season and it's the one that seems to stay the shortest. Just this weekend I was telling my mom how beautiful Logan was and that it was just the perfect weather. I retract my earlier statement. I'm just not feeling the snow this early. Really, it's October. I like snow during the time period of the day after Thanksgiving to about mid February. Then I'm done. Bring on the sunshine. I suppose I don't really live in the best places for predictable weather patterns but I can't leave my mountains. So as I sit in my lovely apartment it's been a chilly, Secondhand Serenade, play guitar with my roommate (who keeps singing Christmas songs), start a game of dishwasher Jenga, feel a little reminiscent kind of day.

If there's one good thing about bad weather, I've had a reason to wear these.

I'm Randi and I like Secondhand Serenade and stacking as many dishes into the dishwasher as I can.