Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ache: noun, verb 1. To have a desire for something or someone who is not present...

Sometimes I get this aching inside of me. This ache for what used to be and this wanting for things to go back to what they were. I ache for being able to go see my family whenever I walk into a room. I ache for being able to drive to my friends' houses just to talk. I ache for Cedar Badge and the times there, the people I met, the experiences that were had. I ache for summertime, the carefree days, the nights that stick to me, and the feelings that are still there. I ache for my old life, that safe, predictable routine. I ache for that part of my life that's gone now, for the things that are changed.

Then I remind myself, that this part of life is good too, so good.



Chels said...

Oh Randi I love you and Im glad Im not the only one. I miss it too and for a while it was so hard I wouldnt admit it. But I just keep telling myself to keep moving FORWARD and no more looking BACK. Its not easy and its ok to look at the good times but we gotta keep goin. So move with me sista, text or call me anytime! I have that same ache.