Friday, October 22, 2010

Fan-Freakin-Tastic Friday

It's Friiiiiday! Like the majority of the population, I absolutely adore Fridays. There's just something about waking up that morning and knowing that it's going to be the weekend in a few short hours...if only I wasn't in Life Science. Life Science can make me feel like my face is going to die because I get so stinkin' bored. Like right now...cause I shouldn't really be blogging in class. Whatever, they're just going over our last test and I'm just a little speedier at it then everyone else. But I'm going home...again this weekend! Know why today is great? Because I'm wearing my new purple shirt and my super comfortable boots from Target (big surprise). These boots are one of my new favorite parts of my fall wardrobe. I love boots in fall.

I get to visit people this weekend! I get to go Target and craft shopping with my friend Chelsie! My grandma's annual Halloween party is Saturday! I love weekends at home. LOOOOOOOOOOVE them. To leave you smiling on this fan-freakin-tastic Friday, I'll leave you with some random funny cartoons. I think they're funny so if you don't even snicker at least...we can't be friends.

I'm Randi and I detest science but love Target, boots, and random funny cartoons.