Monday, October 18, 2010

More Fluff About Fall Break...

Back from Fall Break and what a good break it was. I drove down and made it to Cheeko's football game. He was happy I was there, I just knew it. Big sister intuition and all. He got to play a lot which was way good and I was giving him the thumbs up every time he looked at me. He loves me, I mean look at that adoration on his face. It would just be a tiny bit easier if the little brother was you know, little.

Friday, I helped my mom watch two of the neighbor's kids which was hilarious at the least. After that we ran and got some fabric for something I'll show you in a click. Friday night, I went up to Rexburg with some friends to visit all our buddies at BYU-I. I miss seeing my friends every week. They're just so stinkin' funny and its so nice to be able to just talk to them.
Saturday morning I got up and made this baby with the fabric I'd bought Friday. I'd had this board sitting in my closet for years but this weekend I decided that I wanted to actually do something with it. I'm pretty pleased with it.

It's just perfect for my clips and my pictures.

Why buy it when I can make it?

I went to a baby shower with my mom on Saturday which was fun, just cute baby clothes, women in the ward, and delicious treats. Pretty much all weekend long I just heard how people were going to set me up, which I thought was pretty funny.
People: I bet you're just beating those boys off you.
R: Uh, not quite. I've only been on one date..and I already knew the kid.
People: Don't worry about that! I'll set you up with my neighbor's friend/son/brother.
R: Fine by me.
Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match...

Saturday night, went and partied in Rexburg with my dearly beloved friends (I'm peeved that we forgot to take pictures). And....then I drove back to Logan on Sunday. Which I was dreading. I have two tests this week (both in my two most hated classes) and it's Homecoming Week. So I have to spend time really studying instead of playing (like right now). Stink.



Chels said...

Love love love the board! Super cute idea to put the clips on it. So glad you came up this weekend! I loved chillin with you and everybody else, especially talkin blogs with ya:] Cant wait till next weekend

Paul said...

You always make me smile!