Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm a Little Fond of Paint...

It's Homecoming Week here at Utah State. What better way to start off the week with a Paint Dance? Monday night, the roommates and I went to the Paint Dance! What is that you say? Well...basically you go in a great big group of dancing people...and paint gets thrown in the air onto people which is great fun. What is not so fun about it? If you wear flip flops your feet get stomped on like nobody's business. Then people started to lean against everyone and start squishing people. At one point, poor Emma and I started getting pushed down so I started throwing out the elbows to get people off of us. I've got mean little elbows. It was a little cold too which was expected because who thinks it's going to be warm when you're running around in a tee shirt, basketball shorts, and flip flops in the middle of October? We did some jumping jacks at the crosswalk while we were waiting for our light to turn...but then people started whistling and yelling, so we stopped. We'd been jumping long enough to get warm. But other than that, the paint dance was fun. My hair was about three different colors. This morning I was in the shower though...I found a little spot of paint on my back. Now, I'm a clean person, really and I'd scrubbed and scrubbed to get that paint off me. But that was a resilient little spot of paint apparently.

I'm Randi and I'm fond of a lot of paint, a little bit of jumping around, and long hot showers.



Chels said...

Haha that sounds really fun! Shoot I wish my college did that haha ok maybe not, theres no cute boys at my college so Nevermind!