Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Coming To A Close...


I'm aware of the fact that I've been missing from my blog for some time. I think it had to do with the fact that I had strep last week and I've been feeling weighed down from things in my life. And when things like that happen, sadly my blog suffers. Never fear, I'm creating a new goal to post at least three times a week from now on.
I move home a week from Saturday. It's a funny feeling. I can't believe that I'm finished with my first year of college. I can't believe that I'm even in college. I can't believe that a year ago, I was preparing to graduate from high school and move on with my life. I can't believe that I'm already moving out of my apartment. It feels like it was just yesterday that my parents helped me move in and left, and I cried on the kitchen floor for a solid thirty minutes while I unpacked my dishes.
My life didn't go as planned as I thought this year. Big surprise. There were many things that I didn't accomplish. There are many things that I did and I learned more than just what I was taught in lectures and from group projects. A part of me is disappointed with myself. I feel like I wasn't myself for a while this year. I feel like I hid inside my apartment more often that I should have and didn't meet as many people as I could have. But I'm hopeful for this coming year. I feel like my Heavenly Father has given me a second chance. He's placed me with a group of girls that's like an automatic group of friends. I'm hopeful. I'm positive. I'm stronger. I'm wiser.
I don't know what this summer will hold. Last summer was beautiful, wonderful, amazing, and parts of it were heartbreakingly hard to leave behind. Things can only get better.
I've been crazy blessed in my life. I just want to make sure I keep my eyes open wide enough to see it all.
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miss dawn said...

It is weird that this year has come and gone! I feel so many of the same bitter-sweet emotions!

Ashley Michelle said...

Oh deary. i love you. that's all.

Hollie Hanson said...

OK Miss cuteness, no being down on yourself. We always make more plans and have more intentions "to do" than we can ever really accomplish. Life has a way of teaching us perseverance that way :) Besides, gives you more goals for next year!
I can't believe you've been in college in UT for a whole year and we have never managed to meet up! I hope your summer turns out to be awesome in it's own way! Come see me and it will most definitely be awesome!
Love ya!

Cristine Garrison said...

"somethings 'A Miss' here." ha. you.

Chels said...

I agree with this post in so many ways because I can so relate! Oh man, we are no longer freshman! wooo